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81 speedyw03
82 Hat Films

These three, I can't express how good they are. Just look them up. Then you will know. I first watched them when they joined the YogsCast and haven't watched anything more often since discovering them. Just look them up. Do it.

83 Seth Bling
84 Chris Smoove

No. 74? That's a noob move

86 402thunder402

Come on he talks about everything and classic and funny!

87 ZackScott

Amazing you gotta love him

88 SSunde

Awesome Videos All Around

89 Ar12gaming

Very good YouTube He upload frequently and is very funny plays a bit of Minecraft but mostly plays racing games like forza 5 he does not get enough credit for his work

90 AkspartanKiiier

Highly underrated and deserves more subs but overall he is one of the best especially for the younger audiences

91 The Nintendo Project
92 QJB

I watch this guy every day

93 Tobygames
94 ScrewAttack!

Used to be the biggest

So accurate

95 GameXplain
96 Davidakhoa

I think the channel is good I like him playing all these awesome games.

97 SuperBowserLogan

Honestly them playing Grand Theft Auto FNAF super Mario maker The sims or surgon simulator is great because they feel entertaining sometime they should play I think mortal kombat x on Xbox One with the Brooklyn guy in it.

98 Cinnamon Toast Ken
99 PopularMMOs
100 The Game Theorist

44, seriously? He's really really good!

He should be higher like 40th

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