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1 Jared Dines Jared Dines Jared Dines (Born October 6th 1992) is an American musician from Washington, who is best known for his success and works on YouTube based on the Heavy Metal genre. He is also the vocalist for the band Dissimulator and the drummer for Rest, Repose and has a strong following of 1 million subscribers as more.

He's a genius multi-instrumentalists, I like his videos, they're very funny. - somekindofaguy

His videos are very good, useful and funny. I'm a fan. Some of my favorites are: Deathcore VS Death Metal, Metal VS Metalcore - Metal_Treasure

2 Rob Scallon

I don't know the rest of the YouTubers in the list but Rob is the best! - HaViking

Yes he's pretty good on guitar. - somekindofaguy

3 Rob Chapman
4 Steve Terreberry

He sometimes gets over-exaggerated. For example his video of "If Lil Wayne Played Guitar For...". He reminds me of Bart Baker sometimes. - zxm

He is a very good guitarist, even if even he don't take seriously himself... - somekindofaguy

Stevie was just like me...but I'm more better than him

He is a God! He can shred better than Jared Dines, and he is way funnier than Rob Scallon. Easily the Best! - GreenDayFan21

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5 Charlie Parra del Riego

Jared Dines' good. But I prefer Charlie's guitar skills more. - zxm

I voted for him because he's still too low on the list by comparison to the others. - somekindofaguy

He's got the best skills on this list. - Metal_Treasure

He's very good and useful. - Metal_Treasure

6 Karl Golden

He's good but he use to do only riff compilation videos with his guitar playing. - somekindofaguy

7 Niko Slash
8 331Erock (Eric Calderone)

Talent-wise, Erock is the essential metal guitarist. He can write improvise like a madman (see his footage from NAMM at the ESP Guitars booth). Oh yeah. He's also an ESP Guitarist

Erock is the best.Eric has a wimpy look.But his sshredding skills and ability to surprise the audience are amazing! And the cosplay too is nice

9 0902yuji (Gaku Kawajiri)
10 SARGE994ROCK (James Gould)

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? Robert Baker

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11 NeoGeoFanatic
12 Marina Andrienko
13 Birdy Wings
15 Stefanos Alexiou
16 Angel Vivaldi
17 Amy Lewis
18 Steve Stine

He has better videos than Jared Dines. - zxm

19 Carl Brown
20 Tina S

Probably the most talented 18 years old girl guitarist on the world. - somekindofaguy

21 Marty Schwartz
22 Igor Presnyakov
23 Sarah Longfield
24 Justin Sandercoe
25 Laura Cox
26 BudMovies
27 Chakalaka025
28 David Escobar
29 Ben Konstantinovic Ben Konstantinovic
30 Ola Englund

No Ola Englund? Seriously?

31 samuraiguitarist
32 Carl Brown

He has a channel named, GuitarLessons365Song. - zxm

33 Alex Skolnick Alex Skolnick Alexander Nathan Skolnick, is an American metal and jazz guitarist who is the lead guitarist of the Bay Area thrash metal band Testament, and heads the jazz band Alex Skolnick Trio.
34 Andy Crowley

Very good guitarist if you wanna learn guitar online. Especially if you're a beginner. But the only problem is that he doesn't explain things very clearly. - zxm

35 Aturn3d

This guy's tutorials are amazing. - TheOlderBrother

36 Pete Cottrell

He is really good.

37 Kmac2021

What a memelord he is.

38 Music is Win
39 Frog Leap Studios
40 Ryan Bruce
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1. Charlie Parra del Riego
2. Carl Brown
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1. Niko Slash
2. 0902yuji (Gaku Kawajiri)
3. SARGE994ROCK (James Gould)
1. Rob Chapman
2. Jared Dines
3. Karl Golden

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