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1 Steve Terreberry

He sometimes gets over-exaggerated. For example his video of "If Lil Wayne Played Guitar For...". He reminds me of Bart Baker sometimes.

He is a God! He can shred better than Jared Dines, and he is way funnier than Rob Scallon. Easily the Best!

When it comes to guitar Steve is a thousand times better than Jared. But drums. Umm... Sorry to bust ya balls Stevie

He is a very good guitarist, even if even he don't take seriously himself...

2 Charlie Parra del Riego

I voted for him because he's still too low on the list by comparison to the others.

Jared Dines' good. But I prefer Charlie's guitar skills more.

He's got the best skills on this list.

He's very good and useful.

3 TheDooo

Has to be at least number 3, the guy can do anything you want, even writing his own songs, who sound incredible.

This man has thousands upon thousands of songs memorized, and can play almost anything by ear. Come on.

He plays so clean and beautiful and he can play any song by ear.

Simply unbelievable skill, he can seriously play anything.

4 Steve Stine

He has better videos than Jared Dines.

5 Carl Brown

He is the only guitar teacher that teaches songs the right way.

6 Rob Scallon

More creative and a better writer/composer than Dines. He doesn't need to rely on flashiness. His song Rain is a great example of that.

I don't know the rest of the YouTubers in the list but Rob is the best!

Yes he's pretty good on guitar.

7 Niko Slash

He is probably 1 of the best guitarists I have seen on YouTube. I find him better than Slash as he not only plays really well but also adds his own improvisation after the main guitar solo of almost every song he covers.

8 Rob Chapman

He knows hist guitars like the palm of his hand. One of the most knowledgeable guitar players out there. Just check his blindfold challenges if you want proof.

9 Marty Schwartz

The OG. He has not only influenced every Youtube guitarist but he has probably helped millions worldwide learn songs and helped influence people to pick up a guitar.

Easy to follow lessons

10 0902yuji (Gaku Kawajiri)
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11 Jared Dines Jared Dines (Born October 6th 1989) is an American musician from Washington, who is best known for his success and works on YouTube based on the Heavy Metal genre. He is also the vocalist for the band Dissimulator and the drummer for Rest, Repose and has a strong following of 1 million subscribers as more.

His videos are very good, useful and funny. I'm a fan. Some of my favorites are: Deathcore VS Death Metal, Metal VS Metalcore

He's a genius multi-instrumentalists, I like his videos, they're very funny.

12 SARGE994ROCK (James Gould)
13 Marina Andrienko
14 Justin Sandercoe

Best YouTube guitar teacher out there. Teaching style is unparalleled and Justin is a wicked guitar player

15 Birdy Wings
16 Music is Win

Tyler is a fantastic versatile guitarist that needs more recognition.

He's cool and funny

He is the best

17 331Erock (Eric Calderone)

Talent-wise, Erock is the essential metal guitarist. He can write improvise like a madman (see his footage from NAMM at the ESP Guitars booth). Oh yeah. He's also an ESP Guitarist

One of my favorite guitarists, and to add on, he doesn't even really talk, let alone need clickbait-like content to be popular.

This man is a beast on guitar. My favorite YouTube guitarist.

The best I've ever seen or heard!

18 Andrew Foy

Come on, he is the best, how come only 2% only like him? Though he only does covers, he deserves top 5

19 Kmac2021
20 samuraiguitarist

The Canadian that can out-country any Texan.

21 Ola Englund
22 Angel Vivaldi

Why he isn't top 5? Angel can play the melodies that not thought of by others

23 Tina S

No opinion needed. Just listen to her & watch her perfect technique. A prodigy, born with guitar in her DNA.

Probably the most talented 18 years old girl guitarist on the world.

24 David Escobar
25 Igor Presnyakov

Awesome guitar player who has a great impact on music feelings other people.

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