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1 Chris Stuckmann Chris Stuckmann

His reviews are truthful, to the point, and hilarious.

Stuckmann is hilarious and informative.

He has the best reviews on youtube and he really analyzes movies.

He's Awesome - JPK

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2 Jeremy Jahns Jeremy Jahns

He's charismatic but also gives biased opinions; he usually gives too good reviews to otherwise mediocre movies, so it's hard to take his opinion into consideration, really.

His impressions of people in films are!

He is the most awesometacular critic out there. - TristanMatheny

He is very funny and nostalgic.BUT he gives his reviews too fast so u should be very careful.His spoiler talk is really amazing

3 The Nostalgia Critic

Although I don't agree with some of his opinions he still makes very amazing points and very entertaining videos time after time

Great critic! He gives good reviews and he's pretty damn funny too!

Love watching this guy! Especially his last airbender review!

I've Actually Always Kinda Hated The Nostagia Critic for a Few Reasons.It's Basically Just an Angry 28 Year Man just Yelling Screaming In A Chair Behind a Desk.And I Just Don't Think it's Very Funny at All! Another Reason is This.We Know he's Still Obsessed With TMNT like Everyone Else he Knew Back in His Day.But What Bugs About the NC is That Just Because Something is Popular and Everyone Else is Doing It Doesn't Me You Have to! It's Okay to Be Different and Have Our Own Intrests and Not Everyone Else's.I Hope Everyone Understands.

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4 CinemaSins

CinemaSins should be way higher! They show no bias and your guaranteed to laugh at least once!

5 The Flick Pick

Watch his 'Top 10 Most Epic Movies' video - his 'epic trailer voice' is just golden

This guy has so much charisma. Seems like such a likeable guy.

It's a little bit magical and a little bit mystical

6 Schmoes Know
7 Red Letter Media

The best out of all these choices

Hacks and frauds

8 YourMovieSucksDOTorg

There he is!

boo - PeeledBanana

9 Screen Junkies

Recently Screen Junkies News has upped their game. They're focusing more on the mechanics behind Hollywood, a bit political economy-ish at times. As a weekly news source, I'd say they're my favorite. Better and more intelligent dialogue than most panel-based youtube shows. And not so serious that they're not enjoyable to hang out with.

They call themselves professional film critics? Lol... annoying Sci-Fi fanboys as usual..

10 BlackCriticGuy

Why does no one know about him? He is bae!

He's a great critic and his rants are hilarious!

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11 Luc Turgeon

Thetoptens is the worst website in the history of ever. So I decided to spam this and get myself on the list. Those comments are all fake lol. I hate this site.

This guy is beast. He makes the greatest videos on the internet.

Makes me laugh everyday. This website is cancer though.

I like giraffes. I am gay.

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12 The Nostalgia Chick
13 AniMat
14 I Hate Everything

Not entirely a movie critic, but when he makes his good-lengthed 20 minute long reviews are great! He focuses on TERRIBLE films, and goes into depth about WHY they're bad. New to the channel? Go see his review of Birdemic or Cool Cat Saves the Kids. (That name sounds bad)

15 Bobsheaux


16 ralphthemoviemaker

Deserves a place in the top 10's puts a lot of hard work to his reviews. - OfficialSonic

He deserves being #1

17 That Movie Nerd Kevin
18 The Unusual Suspect
19 Belated Media
20 What The Flick!?
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