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21 Rock Critic

This guys is hilarious! Especially his Rise and Fall of Weezer series!

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22 Thatsongreviewguy
23 Ducky
24 Cicabeot1
25 TheRadicalDouche
26 This Is 50 (Mike P's Music Review)
27 True Music Reviews

Really well-written reviews, needs to post more though

Bah God, he actually made the top 30. - GibbyDaGib

28 MrMooney1235
29 Spill Audio
30 Fuse
31 Maidenslave
32 Spin It! Reviews
33 Shawn Cee
34 Lamp Cast

Bunch of kids hanging out, sharing their opinions conversation style

35 Mues
36 Christian McGuire

Who added me on here? My reviews are a deadly combination of cringe delivery and wack opinions.

37 The Iconic Critic

The Iconic Critic has been more oriented towards the album review territory, and seems very genuine in his wording and instantly knows exactly what comes to mind when looking back upon an album. Definitely recommend checking him out.

38 InTheFurnace

He's an actual boi, really underrated

39 Velocities In Music
40 TheAlbumMan
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