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1 Dallas? That place is crawling with SalADS
2 Ewwwww.....

"Paula Peen Eats her Family on the foof network - MoldySock

3 Imagine yourself having sex... This could be your child.

It's a Caillou one.. I kind of forgot it. - MoldySock

This sounds rather disturbing. You quite OK, MS? - PositronWildhawk

4 Do you have a smelly @$$?

Then you need soap.

Billy Maybe watches your mom in the shower - MoldySock

5 Quick! Look out, Michael Rosen Has escaped!

Michael Rosen exceeds the amount of 9/11 jokes acceptable in a Youtube video. - MoldySock

6 The workers may die, depending on the desired effect.

"Wow! It's Made! " - MoldySock

7 iCarly sucks!

Billy Maybe watches your mom in the shower - MoldySock

8 Barie's Sleepover is going to be the BAAAAHHHH

From "Barbie Gets a Brain", by hoffy1138. - FantasyBrickz

Laugh out loud! Cracked me up - JaysTop10List

Barbie gets a brain - MoldySock

9 Watch what happens when I hit this child with this 6,000 pound car? BRACE FOR IMPACT!

@MoldySock-It's "Watching Your Mom in the Shower"

(It's a Billy Mays one... I think it's Watches your mom in the shower, but I'm not sure... OR tries to sell you more things you can't afford. - MoldySock

10 Let's see how Barbie's stinkifyed skunk smells like when it smells like signature perfume!
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I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!

12 No, it's CockBlockula!

This quote from cs188’s “My Little Porno” is WAY better:

(Alfred Hitchcock theme plays)
Elmo: STOP!
Jack: OK Elmo, you **** blocker!

13 Sex jokes.

Cs188's uses of them is the best!

@TheAwesomeDude54-I LOVE My Little Porno!

14 Today I'm going to be reacting to a triple x adult film and it's called "Michael's awesome titties" and I am so excited because Michael Rosen's so f***ing sexy!!!

From "Charmx's long-awaited a** reveal"

From cs188's "Charmx's long-awaited a** reveal"

15 So now, you really know the pope.

From "Wow! It's Made! ", by Dathings1. - FantasyBrickz

16 Or else you will die!

I here that one a lot in ytps. - andrewteel

17 That's about 65 mph. That's like the speed of the sky.

From "The Mythbusters Discover the Penny" by Jimmy Davis. - FantasyBrickz

18 "You must conquer Conker's Bad Fur Day." "Oh shoot! It's rated M! I'm just a boy! I can only play EC-rated games! I just press the A button, and flash!" WRONG! "I just won! Cool, huh?"

From Zelda's CD-i Revisited, by Jimmy Davis.

That is such a funny quote Lawl

19 Shut. The F**k. Up. - Penn & Teller

Penn tells <insert annoying character here> to STFU

20 In the Nazeege

Cheese & onion backwards. From Auntie Mabel’s Saucy Salad

22 He Stole My Computer, he Stole My Binkey, he Stole My Spaghetti
23 I'm Bob, I'm a Tomato, and I'm here to rob you.
24 Two plus two makes OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND!
25 The first thing I wanna do is MAMA KRABS!!!!
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