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1 Dallas? That place is crawling with SalADS
2 Ewwwww.....

"Paula Peen Eats her Family on the foof network - MoldySock

3 Imagine yourself having sex... This could be your child.

It's a Caillou one.. I kind of forgot it. - MoldySock

This sounds rather disturbing. You quite OK, MS? - PositronWildhawk

4 Do you have a smelly @$$?

Then you need soap.

Billy Maybe watches your mom in the shower - MoldySock

5 Quick! Look out, Michael Rosen Has escaped!

Michael Rosen exceeds the amount of 9/11 jokes acceptable in a Youtube video. - MoldySock

6 The workers may die, depending on the desired effect.

"Wow! It's Made! " - MoldySock

7 iCarly sucks!

Billy Maybe watches your mom in the shower - MoldySock

8 Barie's Sleepover is going to be the BAAAAHHHH

From "Barbie Gets a Brain", by hoffy1138. - FantasyBrickz

Laugh out loud! Cracked me up - JaysTop10List

Barbie gets a brain - MoldySock

9 Watch what happens when I hit this child with this 6,000 pound car? BRACE FOR IMPACT!

@MoldySock-It's "Watching Your Mom in the Shower"

(It's a Billy Mays one... I think it's Watches your mom in the shower, but I'm not sure... OR tries to sell you more things you can't afford. - MoldySock

10 Let's see how Barbie's stinkifyed skunk smells like when it smells like signature perfume!

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I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!

12 No, it's CockBlockula!

This quote from cs188’s “My Little Porno” is WAY better:

(Alfred Hitchcock theme plays)
Elmo: STOP!
Jack: OK Elmo, you **** blocker!

13 Sex jokes.

@TheAwesomeDude54-I LOVE My Little Porno!

Cs188's uses of them is the best!

14 Today I'm going to be reacting to a triple x adult film and it's called "Michael's awesome titties" and I am so excited because Michael Rosen's so f***ing sexy!!!

From "Charmx's long-awaited a** reveal"

From cs188's "Charmx's long-awaited a** reveal"

15 So now, you really know the pope.

From "Wow! It's Made! ", by Dathings1. - FantasyBrickz

16 Or else you will die!

I here that one a lot in ytps. - andrewteel

17 That's about 65 mph. That's like the speed of the sky.

From "The Mythbusters Discover the Penny" by Jimmy Davis. - FantasyBrickz

18 "You must conquer Conker's Bad Fur Day." "Oh shoot! It's rated M! I'm just a boy! I can only play EC-rated games! I just press the A button, and flash!" WRONG! "I just won! Cool, huh?"

From Zelda's CD-i Revisited, by Jimmy Davis.

That is such a funny quote Lawl

19 Shut. The F**k. Up. - Penn & Teller

Penn tells <insert annoying character here> to STFU

20 In the Nazeege

Cheese & onion backwards. From Auntie Mabel’s Saucy Salad

22 He Stole My Computer, he Stole My Binkey, he Stole My Spaghetti
23 I'm Bob, I'm a Tomato, and I'm here to rob you.
24 Two plus two makes OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND!
25 The first thing I wanna do is MAMA KRABS!!!!
26 You need to give me your chips or else I will grind you into TOOTHPASTE!!!

From "Did you know that teeth? " by hoffy1138. - FantasyBrickz

27 Great news, Barbie! I wrote this sexy rock opera about you.

From Barbie Gets a Brain, by hoffy1138. - FantasyBrickz

28 I'm British!

From LarryMan Twice, by Jimmy Davis.

29 I hate VeggieTales!

From "I. M. Meen's Deteriorating Mental Stability" by Jimmy Davis. - FantasyBrickz

30 We do not need your children! Send them to hell and put college over their heads!

From "Obama Bails Out" by Dathings1. - FantasyBrickz

31 This myth is freaking stupid.

From "The Mythbusters Discover the Penny" by Jimmy Davis. - FantasyBrickz

32 Watch a window go out the window
33 I prefer to chew Jews' shoes.

From "MyCarly" by Jimmy Davis.

34 Hey! You know who stole yo mum's coke and just got high? This guy!

From "You're Not Welcome Here" by Jimmy Davis

35 I don't feel bad for you because Link is not my father!

From "PBG Wanders Gamelon" by Jimmy Davis

36 Hah! Gayyyy!!!!!

From smg4

37 Move B*cth, get out the way!

From SMG4's Freddy's Spaghettiria.

38 Well done, Link! Ganon and his minions have once again seized the island of Koridai.

From "Deleted Clips, Canceled Projects and Early Edits" by Jimmy Davis. - FantasyBrickz


From the Auntie Mabel Come Outside YTPs

40 Pingas

Escape From HoH SiS

42 The biggest investment you have in your home besides your home is your home.

From "Billy Mays and the Ravages of Orange Glo" by Mark3611 (one of my absolute favorite YTPs. - Gg2000

43 Steamed hams

Steamed Chalmburgers by cs188 is my favorite

44 I have come... [long pause] to play.

This was from "An Elderly Man's Big Shrinkage" by NKPower, and it stands to this day as one of my all-time favourites. - Rocko

45 Don't give me that stupid toenail face!

A line from Hackney's Got Talent by 256PiAlternate. - Rocko

46 Don't put woooow right on the-- oww!

Taken from YTP: Michael Insults Sus And Scares His Dad With Food. It's a pretty good YTP and this scene honestly had me dying. - Rocko

47 D*** it! Come back right now you a**hole and say you want the JOJ

From "Escape From HoH SiS" by cs188

48 Your quest is to subscribe to cs188

From "Legends of the XXX Temple part 2" by cs188, which sadly got taken down. :(

49 Today I'm going to be reacting to "YTP: Anthony Sullivan wipes his penis on Charmx"

From "Charmx's long-awaited a** reveal"

50 Smile. NO! Smile. NO! D*** kids!

From "Wendy's Kids Needs to Take Prostate Exams" by cs188

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