Top Ten YouTube Pranksters


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1 Roman Atwood

Roman Soldiers all the way. Smile More.

Roman is my all time favourite YouTuber, with his Vlogs, Pranks, etc. He will always bring a Smile to my face :) don't believe me? All of his merchandise has the words "Smile More" just the best

His pranks are weak, he just acts like an idiot around his kids, and makes millions. everything about his pranks are wrong. wow, he pretended like he was taking oil out of other people's cars. that's scary. I think that if you are ten or under, this is a great channel. if you are a mature twelve year old, you might not like weak crap full of smiles on the victim's faces.

2 PrankVsPrank

They're my all time favourite couple prank channel.

3 Vitaly V 1 Comment
4 Fousey Tube V 1 Comment
5 Magic Of Rahat
6 Jack Vale
8 Improv Everywhere
9 Stuart Edge
10 Remi Gaillard V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Ed Bassmaster

EdBassmaster is the coolest funniest person on the face of the earth...His character Mumbles is beyond insane, he should be cast in more movies and T.V. shows. His pranks are genius and he has some serious skill impersonating stereotypical people, and he should be more popular than he is.

12 Jstustudious
13 SteveGreeneComedy
14 Pink Sheep
15 Janoskians
16 Kidbehindacamera
17 Nelk
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