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Just a light-hearted tribute to the members of YouTube community who don't take any of those flame wars too seriously. You know who you are! Love you guys!
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Internet Crime Exposed

What a troll! She's pretty good at it! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

A particularly nasty troll, also known as Sharon Godwin. Harasses innocent users by falsely accusing them of racism and paedophilia (without a scrap of evidence) and posts links to their channels on her page to enable her fellow trolls to attack them. Launched a hate campaign against a schoolteacher (whose channel/Google+ bore his real name, town of residence, place of work, Facebook link etc. ) out of revenge because he'd dared to stand up to her. Posted accusations about him being a paedophile all over YouTube and wrongly linked him to troll channels. I understand this teacher has now commenced legal proceedings against her. - TexasGal


The YouTube Bug Identifier

Has had a number of channels banned, her previous ones include Gill Appleby, AntiBullyingCampaign and Milliespud123. She has been reported by many people for slander and has posted people's real names on her channel with pics and links to their channels so people can troll them. She attacks innocent people and wrongly links them to alleged trolls. Her soul purpose in life seems to be to spread lies and hate and destroy people's lives, careers and families and so on. Disgraceful person. It can only be a matter of time before she's banned again and maybe even arrested. - TexasGal

Artists for Peace & Equality Fan

This troll is very sly. She poses as an anti-bullying campaigner but is in fact herself one of the biggest bullies on YouTube. She uses her anti-bullying act as a front to harass, provoke and slander people, particularly those who are young and/or vulnerable.

She posts bizarre conspiracy theories, accusing people of only arguing online to create a distraction for pedophile rings and race hate groups! She’s even accused black users of being white power fanatics!
On one occasion, she stalked a schoolteacher, an innocent user with his real name on his channel, for days, accusing him of pedophilia, just because he politely disagreed with her on something.

She’s also threatened to have people arrested for using copyrighted icon pic’s or posting links to websites they don’t own. She has a “list” on her ‘YouTube Bug Identifier’ home page that she has labelled ‘The Filth in the Swamp - Trolls, Clones, Pedos etc (many are all three)’. It’s a list of links ...more - TexasGal

Gill A
Joe Ball Joseph D. Ball was an American serial killer, sometimes referred to as "The Alligator Man", the "Butcher of Elmendorf" and the "Bluebeard of South Texas".

Pure ageist bugger! - BorisRule

A notorious racist who has a so-called "army" - which are basically his own sock accounts - which he uses to harass and racially abuse people, usually kids. - TexasGal

Canadian Oneiroi

(AKA 'Canada's Melas Oneiros', AKA 'Fuh Get About It Florists')

Hates pretty much everyone. Brits, "Eurotrash", gays, Americans, Indians, fat people, "ugly" people, the mentally ill. The list goes on... Also an alleged hacker who publicly reveals people's personal details if they offend her in any way. - TexasGal

Oscar Ferguson
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Bad part of Minecraft fanbase + Toddler Titans No/Fake Morals Cartoons = THIS! - BorisRule

He is a 10 year old who believes the best and only good show is Toddler Titans Go. He had the disability of not being able to respect opinions, and has a weird fetish for Starfire.

He is telling people to die in a fire over a T.V. show. He can not handle people hating teen titans go. The word is used in every video. He is also a rant poser since he did a rant on Steven Universe and mentioned teen titans go way too much. And he is an opinion disrespector.

This kid Should be #1 he is a annoy stpid little brat who acts crazy for his love for toddler titaz no he want
all the haters to die that is notcool. his vedios are crap he is a lying punk troll some really good people are trying to bann him I like that.he is also annoying to SU fans.He also grew a annoying fan base.So get him off the web NOW!

Chad Warden
Durham Francis

Started that "here's some words of wisdom for you comment posting idiots" meme. - the_troll_baiter

Super Minecraft Kid

An insane kid who screams and swears about Minecraft. He also masturbated to FNAF.

Super Minecraft Kid is a racist "11" year old who's favorite games are Minecraft and FNAF. He hates anyone who has a different opinion than him, and wishes they would all die. He was later revealed to be a YouTuber named FlourTownBrown.


Watch his videos what a troll

This guys videos are hilarious


IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: This guy is not a troll. In his most recent videos, he has been commenting that people have made fake accounts and links that lead to virus pages. It is not his fault that has happened.

He's not a troll. Unfortunately, though, he seems to have some followers that make fake accounts and spread virus and phishing links. It's not his fault, though.

Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

FNAFLOVER2008 is a racist 8 year old whose's only favourite game is FNAF,he wishes to draw the blood of anyone who has a different opinion than him and draws the fnaf fans as whites and the haters as blacks,wich makes him ultra racist,he also did rule 34 on youtube in wich he raped Foxy from FNAF, (Whose is a guy) and even after that he calls his enemies "Gays" while 3 seconds before he raped a guy fox,in every video he plays the same song wich is Break my Mind from fnaf 4 and does not thank the creators for making it,wich is copyright,and also declared war with the youtuber I Hate Everything,wich breaks the rule "Threats" in youtube,he was later revealed to be a YouTube troll whose doesn't want to share his channel because he feels embarassed with all the cringe he caused with his troll account

Liquid Chris
Filthy Frank
Angry Video Game Nerd James Duncan Rolfe is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, film and video game critic, and internet personality, best known for starring in the web television series The Angry Video Game Nerd, a joint production of Rolfe's Cinemassacre Productions, GameTrailers, and ScrewAttack.

He is one of the most funniest trolls on YouTube

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