Top 10 YouTube Videos By Metal YouTubers

I like videos that are either useful or funny, or both. The best for me are videos that are accurate, useful and funny at the same time.

The Top Ten

1 Every Kind of Drummer - Jared Dines

I think Jared Dines probably has some acting skills and this makes his videos more interesting. - Metal_Treasure

2 How To Be POWER METAL! - SteveTerreberry

A very accurate video that correctly describes this metal subgenre. And I find the video very funny at the same time.
Funniest highlights: "Boot Camp / Booty Camp" drum beat, "If you can't hit those high notes, just squeeze your testiculars", "Don't try adding some fancy words like banana or oven mitt", "Don't forget to write a lead guitar part that you can Irish-dance to". - Metal_Treasure

3 Deathcore VS Death Metal - Jared Dines

Jared Dines is a deathcore musician and I like that he actually admitted death metal wins. - Metal_Treasure

4 Punk vs Metal - Charlie Parra del Riego

It's very useful if you wanna know more about the difference between punk and metal guitar playing - Metal_Treasure

5 Symphony of Destruction - Megadeth (reggae version) - Andy Rehfeldt

Never expected to see Megadeth and reggae in one sentence but yes, I did, and the video is very funny. - Metal_Treasure

6 Whammy Bar Tricks! - Steve Terreberry

This video is fun to watch and also useful. I liked his creativity and the names of some tricks he created, such as Alien Talk, Sexy Lady, Ghost, Pacman, London Police Siren, and his biggest invention - Cheek Tap, LOL. - Metal_Treasure

7 Drummers on Drugs - Jared Dines
8 Punk VS Metal 2 - Charlie Parra del Riego
9 Metal VS Metalcore - Jared Dines
10 Children of Bodom - Kissing the Shadows - Solo Challenge III - 331Erock

Time to add some serious stuff. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 9 ways to hold a guitar (by genre) - Jared Dines
12 Top 10 HARDEST Songs to Play with SMALL HANDS! - Steve Terreberry
13 You're The One That I Want - Grease (death metal version) - Andy Rehfeldt
14 Subliminal Messages In Backwards Songs! - Steve Terreberry
15 Why I Hate Holidays - Killbot&KGorGorAttack!!
16 Metallica-Master Of Puppets(Jazzy Version) - Andy Rehfeldt
17 Guitarists on Drugs - Jared Dines
18 Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo 20 Style Cover - Ten Second Songs (Anthony Vincent)
19 How To Be DJENT! - SteveTerreberry
20 Every kind of drummer pt. 2 - Jared Dines
21 The Trooper - Iron Maiden (bossa nova version) - Andy Rehfeldt
22 How Deep is Your Love - The Bee Gees (death metal version) - Andy Rehfeldt
23 Enter Sandman - Metallica (smooth jazz version) - Andy Rehfeldt
24 Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Sung in the style of System Of A Down) - AnthonyVincentMusic (Ten Second Songs)
25 Enter Sandman in 20 Styles - Ten Second Songs (Anthony Vincent)
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