Top Ten YouTube Videos That Can Ruin Your Childhood


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21 Childhood Ruined
22 Evil SpongeBob
23 Evil SpongeBob 2
24 YTP: SpongeBob Gets Crucified by Angry 90's Kids

What does this have to do with childhood?

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26 Agamemnon Counterpart

How is this not on the top 10?
Agamemnon Counterpart starts with a message saying that is was found on a blue planet, then a static cartoon with a deformed muppet and a blue alien head with speech bubbles saying "a" and "o". The quote on the top says "Let's make a new friend! ". The screen changes to an eyeless man with his mouth moving. The rest of the video features ugly things jumping around, bright colors, laughs of children, happy music, and creepy sounding screams

To the visitor, you know this, Hand Thing, and I Feel Fantastic are not kids videos. So why even bother putting them on this list anyway?

Hand Thing and I Feel Fantastic aren't childhood ruined videos, but this video makes me think I'm watching a lost episode of Sesame Street

This video should totally be on the top ten, when I watch it, I feel like I'm watching a lost episode of Sesame Street

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27 Outside In
28 The Powerpuff Girls Reboot

Dude, that is bad CN show, but WHO CARES?!?! - BorisRule

29 50 Shades of Grey

I'm a kid, and I already know the book and movie are not for kids. There was some very negative reveiws about the movie, so I won't be watching it until I'm 40. 50 Shades of Grey isn't even popular anymore, The Girl One The Train took its place. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

30 Anything By Michael Bay
31 Scientifically Accurate: Santa Claus
32 YTP: Spingebill Experiences a Horrifying NDE
33 Dipper Goes to Taco Bell
34 The Top 20 Childhood Conspiracy Theories
35 Wingardium Leviosa V 1 Comment
36 Dora No More

I watched it and I laughed I hate Dora - Officialpen

37 Pixar Intro Parody
38 Sam Pepper Sam Pepper
39 2 kids. 1 sandbox

This actually exists? I'm PRAYING the video is just two kids building a sandcastle. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

40 Street Fighter II - Guile Theme (SM64 Soundfont)
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