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He has 2,000,000 subscribers and is even going to be in a video game. But what was MatPat's greatest video?
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1 Why Mario Is Mental Part 1

I'm a fan of Mr. MatPat & his show, Game Theory. Game Theory's video are very interesting, but remember these are all just theories. For those of you that don't know what a theory is, it's a statement of evidence that may prove right, or wrong & have the answer revealed. Theories can blow your mind, but some theories aren't actually true because the evidence is wrong. Other theories are actually right. The evidence is correct & the answer is revealed true. Remember this, everyone. Theories are not facts, or fiction. They are groups of evidence that can prove something right, or wrong & jump to the conclusion. Game Theory has actually made gamers believe something they didn't know in video games, but they're just theories. Also despite the fact that I'm a Game Theory fan, the only two theories that I believe are false are "Why Mario Is Mental" (Both parts) & "WiiU Is The Next Virtual Boy". Now Mr. MatPat, if we took a look at back at your videos, we can prove that these two theories are wrong. This is making me sound like I'm debunking it like Gnoggin, but I'm not doing a video on these theories. Let the man, Gnoggin do the debunking. If anyone can see that Game Theory is wrong, then it might be true that Mario isn't really mental & this "WiiU=Virtual Boy" is not true. Wait a second. Maybe, I'm wrong, yet I could actually be right & we can prove Game Theory wrong. Hold on! Maybe, Game Theory isn't wrong, or is he. I can just let you decide. Is Mario the good guy, or is he secretly a villain like Bowser? Is the WiiU any better than the Virtual Boy, or are they not completely different? Is Majora's Mask a pointless video game? And the biggest question of all is this. Why do we like to play video games? Well, who knows what the answer actually is? Each one of these theories' answers might be true, or they might be wrong. But remember, each one is not a fact, or false fact. Each one is... What does the brilliant man, Mr. MatPat, say? Each one is just a theory. A GAME... more

2 Is Link Dead In Majora's Mask?

I'll admit, I'm going through a creepypasta phase but even without the short picture of BEN this video was the greatest one I have ever seen (next to the one with dopamine). another great video MatPat keep 'em coming!

Man, I've got myself a big love for this theory. Every...Single...Word that MatPat said touched my heart, and I loved how he made a reference to TP.

Arguably even better than mario is mental in my opinion.

3 The Best Boobs In Gaming
4 Humans Are Pokemon

This theory is one that is very interesting. I, personally, think it could be a thing.

5 Rosalina Unmasked Part 2

The only good game theory. Actually quoting real scientific evidence.

Biggest twist ever! Changed how I thought about the Mario universe.

Just blew me away.

6 Flappy Bird, PewDiePie and Pasta Sauce

This episode was...actually pretty good! It let us know that Pewdiepie is the reason crappy games like Flappy Bird get promoted.

7 Why You Play Video Games
8 Petscop-The scariest game you'll never get to play.

This episode perfectly sums up game theory. A man, Mat Pat, that dedicates his time to topical and even contraversal topics in the gaming industry, uses real life facts and history to shift peoples perspective of life through the games we play and love, and always has a meaningful lesson to give the public, the viewers, and his fans.

9 Is Mortal Kombat's Killer Scream Possible
10 Why You're A Completionist
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11 What Are Minecraft Creepers?

The only good game theory video in my opinion.

12 Video Game Crossovers
13 Can Video Games TELL THE FUTURE?!?!

Like Splatoon? How people say we're wiped out and octopi and squids slowly evolve and live on the earth? Which is fake by the way.

14 FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's!
15 How Deadly Are Bullet Bills?
16 Pokemon and Darwinian Evolution
17 Who is Purple Guy? Five Nights at Freddy's

Naaah. Purple Guy was obviously not Phone Guy:

1. Purple Guy smiles in every mini game he is in (except night 5 FNaF 3)

2. Purple Guy doesn't fear the Puppet at all.

3. Phone Guy put out TRAINING TAPES so OTHER EMPLOYEES knew how to use the suits and about the safe rooms.

4. Phone Guy is killed by Fredbear and stuffed into a Freddy's suit. Purple Guy is killed by Michael and the other dead Kids.

Besides, Purple Guy is William Afton, one of the co founders of the restaurant. I know this was made before this was revealed but I'm just saying.

18 Why Mario Is Mental, Part 2

Say, why wasn't Pac-Man in court with Sonic, Mega Man & Crash Bandicoot?! What was that about, MatPat?!

I overall liked this GameTheory, it's so true.

19 How Real Can Video Games Get?
20 Who Is Megaman's True Villain?
21 Why The Official Zelda Timeline Is Wrong
22 Candy Crush, Designed to Addict

The video is great, but the title is misleading. The video barely mentions Candy Crush.

23 Super Smash Bros. Tragic Hidden Lore
24 Are Gamers Killing Video Games?
25 How Much Is Minecraft's Diamond Armor Worth?
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