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1 Jeffy's Bad Word

In my books, this video is literally up there with "SpongeBob, Your Fired". Mario was not tortured for no reason, he was tortured for doing the right thing. Jeffy constantly swears in front of people and causes Mario to spank Jeffy. I would have been good if Rosalina didn't consider this CHILD ABUSE.

I have a theory that this was originally a Family Guy plot, but Seth realized that FOX would get a ton of hate and gave the script to some random guy on the street which he claimed was BTS memorabilia. That stranger was Logan.

Please Logan, we're BEGGING you, GET RID OF JEFFY! He gets progressively more insufferable with each video he appears in, but in this one he is quite frankly AT HIS WORST! Hell, at least Junior gets his comeuppance once in awhile, but Jeffy never does! In addition to this, the jokes are awful, Jeffy's intelligence seems to have extended to other characters such as Brooklyn Guy, and the ending pretty much has Mario dethrone Chef Pee Pee in terms of being a Squidward. At this point, Logan should just reboot the entire series or at the very least take a long break, because this makes Cody's Birthday look like a masterpiece. Final Rating: 1/5 (Awful)

I make sure I watch all of these episodes in their entirety before I post a review on here. And boy oh boy was this one bad. To start, this is the worst episode of season 8! It might be the worst episode overall too. And I can see why. This is a Mario torture. When a hobo hits Mario's car, Jeffy learns a bad word. And it gets so repetitive! The Dr. Goodman scene at the end was unnecessary!

I could not stand this video because this video is just ridiculous. This is one of the worst videos that Logan has ever made. I could not believe my eyes are watching this video. It did not amaze me at all. I thought it was boring, or it was stupid, but this is just a ridiculous video.

2 Shrek's Crappy Wish

This should barely be on the top 2. Because there was a SML Movie: Locked Out. Since this is 2. Locked Out was really worse because it looks like Jeffy is making Mario's life cruel and hell. Almost all of the fans hated him for Chocolate Cake and arresting Mario.

I hate how Shrek's persinallity of saying crap is replaced with the s word.

Mario torture porn

This video was very disgusting. Did They really have to have Shhrek force Mario to eat his crap. GGGgrrooos! P.S. Gross

3 Locked Out

This video was funny at some points, but it was also so anger inducing how Brooklyn Guy didn't even give Mario a chance to prove it was his house. Why would he think Jeffy is the owner of the house? First off, Jeffy is obviously a kid, maybe around 7-12 years old. Secondly, Brooklyn Guy has every job, and he sold Mario the house so he knows Mario is the owner! And also, how come Mario lets Jeffy have his way and also why are green beans and peas the only things Mario can feed Jeffy. Like I said before, I did like some of the video. Like the parts where Mario is thinking of ways to get in the house and when he uses the cake. But overall this episode was BS.

This video was pure. This video was horrible because Mario got arrested for no reason again because of jeffy. Jeffy was being stubborn because he wanted chocolate cake and didn't want to eat his peas first, he needs to go on a diet because he's a fatass. The broklyn guy was a jerk because he believed in every thing that jeffy said. He thought jeffy was the owner of the house when Mario is older than him. Plus I hated the scene where after Mario chased jeffy, jeffy locked Mario out and was arrested. The only positive I'll give is that it is not as bad as Jeffy's bad word and that it is 3 minutes shorter than that video.

I can't believe some people are saying that Mario deserved to get locked out and arrested, tell me why? Why did Mario deserve it? Because he didn't give Jeffy chocolate cake when he didn't deserve it? He was just being a good parent by not giving his son what he wants when he throws a fit, also why is the Brooklyn Guy such an idiot in this episode? He knows who Mario is and should also know that it's his house, and yet he just blindly believes Jeffy's lies about it being HIS house, this is a truly terrible episode

I'm gonna start by saying, comparing this to Jeffy's Bad Word, is like comparing a very bad/a little bad episode of a show. in my opinion, Locked Out wasn't THAT bad. True, there are flaws, such as some annoying Mario torture. But it's not as bad as Jeffy repeatedly saying a bad word or Shrek asking Mario to eat his diarrhea. But still, it can be better. OK episode. P.S, I was expecting a whole lot worse from this.

4 Chef Pee Pee Quits Part 1

The first 8-10 minutes of this episode are nothing but Chef PeePee Torture, with both Bowser and Jnuir being the most intolerable living beings on Earth, also not to mention that after Chef PeePee finally left, Goodman was being racist towards him just because of Chef PeePee's skin colour... OK no!

Aside from the scene with The Devil which I personally enjoyed, this video was really bad; 3/10.

This video is an example of Chef Pee Pee torture at its worst, worst SML video ever. Even worst then Jeffy's Bad Words. This episode has the nerve to think that Chef Pee Pee is the bad guy and the bowser I dealt with in Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket and Jr as the good guy. That makes me annoyed. Even if you did take out the Chef Pee Pee torture the episode is BORING. Worst SML video 1/10

CHALLENGE: Try not to vomit in this episode. This is probably, the worst Chef Pee Pee torture episode yet! Not only that, but in a way, it is disturbing! Chef Pee Pee torture to the MAX and vomit and gore make this one a challenge to make it through, but I did so I can review it.

Bowser became my number 1 least favorite SML character after this episodes. It's boring and torture. Jeffy has became my new least favorite. But I still don't like Bowser after this atrocity.

5 The Drone

Out of every single SML Video there is, this one can go screw itself! It's boring, but it's also disgusting because 1. Junior cut his tongue off from the blades of the drone2. Chef PeePee got his eye gouged out and they are both extremely gross to look at, and 3. After the eyeball scene Junior and his friends didn't give about it and they got zero consequences! Chef PeePee's Clone was better than this crap because at least that video felt like SML this video on the other hand, did not. SML Short: The Drone gets a 0% rating.

This episode is a couple of words dumb, weird, boring, pointless, crap, more crap, even more crap, dog crap, infinite crap.

I know this is just puppets but people, please stop getting people in the eye. It's not funny.

Logan was probably trying to rip off Happy Tree Friends with this but this is horrible.

6 Chef Pee Pee's Lottery Ticket

It was a boring torturing video than at the end it was pointless (no spoilers) I thought this video had so much potential but was used poorly.

Am I the only one who thinks chef peepees lottery ticket was a good video and thinks the drone and the gun were worst the jeffys bad word (locked out is even worse than the gun and the drone! )

I liked the episode because Chef Pee Pee finally called everyone out on their crap.

The best part of the video is when he says to Bosser junior and Bowser but why did he do it to toad!

7 Cody's Revenge

Why is it that no one cares when junior is mean. But when he gets consequences people get angry?. Just goes to show how stupid society had gotten

This video was just terrible. I just feel disgusted whenever I watch it.

Okay I don't get the hate He deserved it videos like Bowser juinors game night 3, Codys birthday etc..
Its not funny though its just deserving

This was a good video. And where's Cody's birthday?

8 Black Yoshi's Fried Chicken

Black Yoshi is black, but somehow he's portrayed by a white person. Racist!

I honestly think people are overreacting to this episode.

Just a really racist video depicting black stereotypes and offensive topics

9 The Call of Duty Blackout

Boring episode. Black Yoshi kills Joseph and an innocent child for no reason whatsoever and gets proud of killing both of them while the kid's dad starts thanking Black Yoshi

That kid was annoying

What?!,this is actually one of the VERY FEW good modern sml videos

10 Black Yoshi's Call of Duty Black Ops 3

I like black yoshi but this video was horrible. Call of Duty sucks and black yoshi cuts his advanced warfare disc in half and tells Mario to get him that PS4 bundle which is too expensive, his game was like $20-$40 and that PS4 was $400-$500. So Mario goes to the store and finds out that they have a black ops 3 Wii U, so black yoshi has a break down and shoots his Wii U with a crossbow. Then tells Mario to get his white plumber ass to gamestop and get him the PS4, and guess what he finally got one. If Logan wanted that PS4 for the video he should've just put that and make black yoshi not rage. I hope Logan doesn't make a video similar to this when the abysmal infinite warfare comes out.

I think Black Yoshi was very unlikeable in this video. I mean, you can say that he's done that before, but that was usually towards one of the more annoying characters, example being Black Yoshi's Job.

This video on the other hand he was probably at his worst. Why you may ask? Well I'll tell you, HE DESTROYED A PERFECTLY GOOD Wii U WITH A CROSSBOW! I understand that Black Yoshi hates stuff like the Wii and Wii U, but REALLY?! That Wii U was in 100% PERFECT condition! You really couldn't just send it back to GameStop or whatever the store was?!

Also, does it really matter what version of Black Ops 3 it is? I mean, I guess the Xbox One/PS4 edition would have much better gameplay and graphics and stuff like that, but still. So in the end, this video started out okay, but right when Black Yoshi attempted cutting his Advanced Warfare it got bad, not only that and destroying the Wii U, but also Black Yoshi literally threatening to kill Mario, and being ungrateful when Mario ...more

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11 Bowser Junior Goes to Disney World

There's nothing really wrong with this video, it's just to long and it's really an excuse to let Logan and the gang go to Disney world. But it turns out that the reason he did this video is because his little sister got cancer so he made this for her. Which I all do respect.

Sure it's a half an hour video with no plot, but hey at least they got to go to the happiest place on earth for this one. I'll say it's good but not great

This was a great video! How could it be bad?

This is a good one

12 Chef Pee Pee Quits Part 3

This video was really bad. First goodman fires pee pee for using a tazer on bowser for beating a child then pee pee gets poop all over him while plunging the toliet. The only funny part was when bowser hired an illegal immigrant to be their chef.

This video is terrible, it's only purpose (along with the other parts in this series) is to make the characters as miserable and unlikeable as possible. In this video, we learn that Mr. Goodman has no problems with KILLING CHILDREN, yet when someone is tasered (WHICH IS SOMETHING THAT COPS SHOULD ALWAYS CARRY AROUND) that's where he crosses the line. And it's not even funny, it's just cruel and disturbing. Mario and Benjamin- oops, I mean PABLO was there just because, the scenes with Bowser and Junior were extremely unpleasant,Shrek was just there to be disgusting, and the climax with the toilet...dear god, I don't even want to THINK about it. Overall, this is the absolute WORST part of the Chef Pee Pee Quits series. Overall Rating: 1/5

Let me get this straight,

If an adult beats a child, leave them alone and get off scot-free

If a child beats an adult, kill them no questions asked.

Logan is this your best idea I hope not this video sucks.I hope he remakes this video for now this video is just torturde for pee pee

13 Toad’s Mistake
14 Rich Mario
15 Jeffy’s Birthday Surprise
16 Bowser's Broken TV

How does Logan think we will be entertained by a video about fixing a T.V.? It would have been good if there were some visual gags on the T.V. like maybe it turns on charleyyy and friends but something bad happens to him in the episode because of the broken T.V., that would've been funny, but no, we just get a boring video about fixing a T.V., and as if it wasn't boring enough to put you to sleep, the Brooklyn guy is the person fixing the T.V., I hate this character, he's super boring and not funny in the slightest, I just think Logan needs to realize that watching the characters do everydays tasks is not entertaining

Bowser was being a jerk throughout the video. He couldn't wait for goodman the fix the T.V. over Charlie and friends. This video was bad but bowser's depression was worse.

I'd be less bored being the judge of a paint drying competition than watch this nonsense.

This is good, idiots.

17 Bowser Junior's Punishment

Why is this on the list? that demon child deserves everything it gets.

This one is just really sad and not funny.

18 Nintendo Switch

It was boring

19 Goodman Credit Card
20 Chef PeePee Quits

This series shouldn't even be called Chef PeePee Quits, the more accurate title for this series is Bowser and Jr look for a chef, cause most of the series shows that, thankfully since he's not working for Bowser we don't have to listen to Chef PeePee whine and complain about his life 24/7 like in the other videos cause that was annoying. But sadly another thing wrong with this series is that there is only 2 people Chef PeePee works with in his jobs The Brooklyn Guy and Officer Goodman, and both of them are super annoying at this point, in every job Chef PeePee has, he works with these 2 over and over again, use some other characters already. That's the problem with SML's characters, if you say you like a new character then you'll see them in like 30 more videos to the point where it gets really annoying. The oly problem with SML's characters is over usage, and for some characters like tony the tiger or mr pig its underusage

It really pisses me off that Logan said Chef PeePee Quits takes place in another universe, that shows that Logan needs an explanation to keep Chef PeePee working for Bowser so he can continue to torture him. Why does Logan think torturing Chef PeePee is funny? I feel bad for Chef PeePee, he's pretty much Supermariologan's whipping boy. Also the fact that even though the fans don't like him, Logan LOVES Junior, FYI he's the 2nd worst SML character ever behind Bowser

21 Bowser Jr Needs Help
22 Shrek's Bath Problem

I really don't like this video. Not only was Shrek unpleasantly disgusting but also extremely unlikeable. He tried so hard to aggravate, torture and gross out Mario throughout the episode for no good reason, also he's saying the s word instead of crap AGAIN! And let's be honest, did the Brooklyn Guy really need to be here in this video? He was COMPLETELY WORTHLESS here in this video. Also the ending was not funny and rather irritating. Hell, I think the only positive thing I can say about this video is that Toad did something useful for once by giving Mario a Mini Mushroom to escape the bathroom. But other than that, this video sucked, and I'm never gonna watch this piece of crap again!

This Episode wasn't that gross, at least shrek doesn't force Mario like he did in shrek's crappy wish.

23 Bowser Junior's 6th Birthday

This video wasn't great at all. Bowser juniors 7th,8th,and 9th Birthday were the best birthday episodes. The rest of the birthday episodes are terrible

The video was alright but I hated the cake that bowser's mom made for junior.

Bowser junior's 7th birthday is way more better that this piece of junk

24 Bowser Junior's Go Kart Race

This video wasn't terrible, but it was nowhere near from great. I will admit that the camera angles in the race were quite good, but I would have wanted to see more characters in the race instead of Junior, Toad, Joseph and Cody. The first half of the video was pretty good, but the second half is when it starts to go downhill. All it is it's just Cody bragging and showing off to Junior that he won the race; not only is this another case of filler, but this part of the video makes Cody annoyingly unlikeable. And was Junior doing anything horrendous in this video towards Cody such as insulting him or his family? Hell no! So ya know what Cody? SCREW YOU! In the end, this video was just okay, 6/10

I seriously thought before watching that at least 90% of the video was going to be about the race, but I was so damn wrong. One half is the race, while the other is Cody rubbing his victory in Junior's face. He literally sneaks into his room at one point while he's sleeping just to taunt him. Another bad thing about this video is that Junior and his friends are racing and nobody else. Logan, I know you say that ideas for Mario, Shrek, and Black Yoshi are difficult, but this is Mario Kart we're talking about!

You know, this had the potential to be a good video. But of course, this just HAD to be a video about that little punk that shall not be named. There was no setup whatsoever, there wasn't even really a actual plot, and at the end of the race we get the most hackneyed Deus Ex Machina ever. (I won't say what it is for the sake of your brain.) Also, Cody bragging about his victory was kind of funny at first..but that little bit of entertainment quickly evaporated when it just started dragging on.
Overall Rating: 2/5

Seriously what does Bowser junior had to do with being a sore loser anyway?

25 Black Yoshi's Job

Once again like in almost every other video, Junior is unlikeable. But Black Yoshi's also unlikeable here too, I didn't like either of them in this episode. To be honest I kinda don't think Junior deserved to get his toys broken, I think Black Yoshi's not very likeable here, but still, Black Yoshi's a great character, yet he's being mean to a character that I don't really like. Never mind, my point doesn't make much sense.

I actually like this video, considering that we've seen how Jr acts when playing toys before where he doesn't let people play with Thomas or hogs all the big dinosaurs, always talks about winning and gloats endlessly when he wins. So it was really satisfying to see Black Yoshi not let him have his way for a change. So I'm on the side of thinking that Jr deserved what happened to him in this video

Seriously?!. Junior DESERVED to have this happen to him. No one complained about him being beaten with a belt but you do when his toys are broken. Oh the HUMANITY!. Just no! Setiously

Pros: junior getting punished
Cons: chef peepee got his arm cut off for no reason

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