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1 ADoseofBuckley

The reason why Buckley is number one is because he has a lot of videos, most of them are funny and entertaining, and he's is just smart in general.

If you enjoy a good laugh, go watch Buckley's videos. He's one of the best ranters that incorporates comedy perfectly into his videos!

2 undertakerfreak1127

This guy gets his point a cross very well and proves people wrong.

I like tis guy

3 NateTalksToYou

Thanks for putting me on your list.

4 PMRants

PMRants is an underrated channel because he gets hated a lot on from people getting mad at his opinions, even though he has not that many videos, all of them are entertaining, and his skit channel is pretty funny too.

I think he's the best, but considering my opinion on ranters that isn't saying much

5 InsideJacobsMind

InsideJacobsMind is a really funny little known YouTuber with only 2,000 subscribers, he is four on this list for little videos.

6 Scotty3861
7 ElectricUnicycleCrew
8 GradeAUnderA

Best,most hilarious ranter on the site! GradeAUnderA is one of the YouTubers YouTube need! its really funny when he curses! But the best thing is that even though he comes across as humourous,he still tells his honest opinion.Go Grade! Grade for President 2016!

He's an awful person.

9 iMustDestroyAll
10 Classicrockforever66

These rants are the painful truth about terrible artists that need to listen to lots of real music like rush, nirvarna, led zeppelin, the Beatles, the doors, the who, black sabbath, the Rolling Stones etc

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11 JJDiscussions
12 TheArchfiend

People usually hate this guy either for his pewdiepie video, or that he puts ads on EVEN THOUGH he explains how he has to keep them up for his partnership. I think this guy is really good, he thoroughly explains why he has a certain opinion about things, unlike some others. He, in my opinion is pretty good at his rants, and he kinda goes good with Marc Mues. Flood this page with hate on my comment, but all of this is opinianated.

13 Hitler Rants Parodies
14 I Hate Everything
15 IHEOfficial

When will he make "I Hate Mars Bars? "

16 TheMysteriousMrEnter TheMysteriousMrEnter real name: Jonathan Rozanski (born in : July 21, 1992) is an American Youtuber who's an cartoon reviewer who is best known for his popular animated attocities videos. in his most infamous video in which he reviewed the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Pet Sitter Pat" he harshly attacked more.

A very underrated channel in my opinion. He does reviews of bad animated T.V. shows and movies which are very entertaining and smart. He's definitely worth checking out.

In my opinion though, he's gotten worse over time.

He does the funniest reviews of bad animated T.V. shows and movies. Watch all of his 'Animated Atrocities. '

17 someguy827
18 Bruce Blitz
19 SammyClassicSonicFan Samuel "Sammy" Thomas (born October 31, 1998), known online as SammyClassicSonicFan or TheSammyClassicSonicFan, and formerly The Imperishable Sammy Zenith!, is an American YouTuber, best known for his past rants on video games and their associated communities.

No, he's a whiny child.
He doesn't have autism, he's faking it to get attention/sympathy.

20 AngryJoeShow
21 Jenna Marbles Jenna Nicole Mourey, better known by her pseudonym Jenna Marbles, is an American former YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, and actress.
22 Cynical Starmie

New to YouTube. But very logical with his arguments.

23 MrRepzion
24 Marcus Dibble
25 LoganCrews
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