Top 10 YouTube Videos with Unusual URLs

Every time you upload a video in YouTube, there's an extremely slim chance that your video gets a url link that forms a word since URL links are randomized, but that's common knowledge. If you dig deep into YouTube, you can see a small chunk of videos with pretty unique or otherwise funny URLs. This list shows some of them.

You can learn a bit more about how YouTube URLs are picked in this video:

Protip: to manually search for youtube videos that have specific urls on them, you can simply copy " inurl:watch inurl:(word)" in google search (just remove the parentheses in case it affects the search engine).
The Top Ten
1 The House of the Rising Sun - Alfred's All-In-One 2 (Ronald's Piano Videos)

Oh and just keep note the site wouldn't allow me to post youtube links in the rankings hence you may need to copy and paste the title of the video to find it yourself, sorry.
Anyways if you want a unique yet subtle way to say F you to somebody, perhaps this video fits the job for it.

The best part is how it doesn't seem like it was intentional.

2 - 1 Hour Arena Closer Survival (Chini)
3 Stoned Stupid S**t (CourtneyLynnWhite420)

Even the URL is stoned too if you look at it.

4 How To Say Unfortunately (Emma Saying)

On the contrary, this video managed to hit the "lucky" spot, as it literally has the word "lucky" on its url. Talk about timing.

5 M2C4 - Aire du cylindre (Classe FMS L'Escale)
6 West Palm Beach DJ helping others file for unemployment (WPTV News - FL Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast)

"butt uncle" at first impression, although VERY close. This even appears in the first page if you include the word in the url search.

7 Tina Fey & Rachel Dratch - Wicked @ Second City (Gagarina)

This url is pretty hungry for food, maybe you can feed him one view?

8 Insane Harley-Davidson Livewire Dyno Demo! (The Tech of Tech)

Has the F word in the link (can't say it due to the site's censorship). There are quite a handful of videos with identical urls like this.

9 Angry Birds Theme Song (ryan_custard13)

Leans to more unique as this is the closest url we can get saying "Youtube" but it's "Y0TUbe".

10 No ay aguinaldo jajajaja (Hello Marian R)
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