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1 Asian Jake Paul - iDubbbz

This is the best diss track I have ever heard. Even Ian is not a musician or singer.

One of the only ones I actually like on here, the best one by far, best lyrics, best points about how bad of a person ricedumb is, and dave has the best flow by far out of any of the rappers on this list, heck even ian has a good flow.

The only youtube diss track that isn't made by a retard faking drama attempting to get views on both his own channel as well as the channel he's dissing.

To be fair... I'm not a big fan of idubbbz but he killed rice in this track.

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2 It's Every Night Sis (Ft. Alissa Violet) - RiceGum

B-but all of these are garbage. - DapperPickle

Asian Jake Paul Sucks compared to this

Do you guys know he has a Ghost WRITER?

Yo this diss is so good even my grandma loved it Jake paul should have went to the hospital because it was so good and he had a heart attack 😂🤣

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3 KSI Sucks - W2S

It has a good beat

The most savage

4 The Fall of Jake Paul - Logan Paul

I agree

5 Earthquake (Ft. Ricegum) - KSI

Fire! I love it!

6 Little Boy - KSI
7 Zoie Burgher Diss - Zansation

Best Flow, Best Disses & Most Savage without crossing the line - Dynazty

Has the best flow. - AliciaMae

8 Bend the Knee - NetNobody
9 I Didn't Hit Her - RiceGum
10 KSI's Little Brother - Miniminter

Simon killed this. Dope flow, great lyrics. Definitely should be in top three at least.

Dope flow

The Contenders

11 Sidemen Diss Track - ComedyShortsGamer

Do you like his dick because why is deji here

12 Ungrateful - ComedyShortsGamer
13 Finished - Behzinga
14 RiceDum - Bart Baker
15 Drama - Behzinga
16 Who Da Man - Dax
17 The End - Vikkstar123
18 Adam's Apple - KSI
19 Diss God - Jake Paul & Team 10 Diss Track
20 Jake Sucks - Dax
21 Two Birds, One Stone - KSI
22 Poudii's Last Friday - ImDontai X VI Seconds

Don't question it

23 W2s - Ksi exposed
24 Deji Diss Track - Miniminter
25 It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul

It's lit

26 Go Get Gone - Jelly
27 Weak Links - Kwebbelkop
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1. Zoie Burgher Diss - Zansation
2. Asian Jake Paul - iDubbbz
3. Bend the Knee - NetNobody
1. It's Every Night Sis (Ft. Alissa Violet) - RiceGum
2. Earthquake (Ft. Ricegum) - KSI
3. Little Boy - KSI


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