Top 10 Best YouTuber Diss Tracks

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1 Bitch Lasagna - Pewdiepie

Definitely has its own catchy beat to boot with some light but still funny disses to keep things interesting. Not to mention it perfectly represents Felix's modern content of meme reviews, and it's cut together pretty nice too. Thanks Brad.

In this diss-track pends portrays his hatred towards the Indian YouTube channel that goes by the name of T-series and spills the real tea.

That one is my annoying catching song in my whole life I'm keep singing everyday

If you look at the meaning behind all the lyrics, it was clever and he deserves #1

2 Asian Jake Paul - iDubbbz

One of the only ones I actually like on here, the best one by far, best lyrics, best points about how bad of a person ricedumb is, and dave has the best flow by far out of any of the rappers on this list, heck even ian has a good flow.

The only youtube diss track that isn't made by a retard faking drama attempting to get views on both his own channel as well as the channel he's dissing.

This is certainly the best disstrack to end the year of the diss track. Cannot recommend this anymore than I already do.

This is the best diss track I have ever heard. Even Ian is not a musician or singer.

3 It's Every Night Sis (Ft. Alissa Violet) - RiceGum

All I gotta say is alissa brought up her exs brother being a better kisser now. After the rumors

Asian Jake Paul Sucks compared to this

IT is a good diss track

The best one ever!

4 KSI Sucks - W2S

The BEST diss track ever not the best flow or beat but the lyrics were hands down the best

Kai is the worst worst worst
Harry rocks

Best Sidemen diss track period.

Harry net worth is more than ksi

5 Little Boy - KSI

He roasted harry hard

Bro this flow is lit

Absolutely fire best sidemen disstrack

6 Insecure - Quadeca

For sure one of the best diss tracks in youtube history

This kid has got a lot of talent

This man's flow is unbeatable

Roasted KSI on a spit in Nigeria

7 Earthquake (Ft. Ricegum) - KSI
8 KSI's Little Brother - Miniminter

Simon killed this. Dope flow, great lyrics. Definitely should be in top three at least.

Such a good diss track with a solid beat and loads of good roasts

Flow switch was incredible! Personal favourite, this one.

Best diss ever

9 Zoie Burgher Diss - Zansation

Zansation is probably one of the best YouTubers ever! And his diss tracks are amazing

Best Flow, Best Disses & Most Savage without crossing the line

Has the best flow.

10 Bend the Knee - NetNobody

Now that Adam has dropped his album, I can definitely say that his music has gone unnoticed. And, this is where he really got his fresh start. After his Minecraft days, Netnobody's channel didn't seem to go anywhere until the drama with his fiance (which is apparently STILL going on.) that got picked up by KSI. After a so-so diss track from KSI in response to a solid beat by Adam simply titled "Diss Track Ed" and "Adam's apple"; "Bend the Knee" dropped in it's masterminded glory. With great visuals that pay homage to the best currently running show on television; Game of Thrones, Adam encapsulates what makes that show so great and why this track ends up being great, the baiting and mind games that combined with the intelligent mental chess game of two individuals trying to get a one up on each other in the legal system. Which ends up being the result, as Adam not only got around 10K subs daily during this time but was able to visit his young son that had been in the possession of that ...more

Actually good

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11 The Fall of Jake Paul - Logan Paul

Whoops did I just forget that Logan Paul did this before voting?

Logan just verbally destroyed him

12 I Didn't Hit Her - RiceGum
13 Congratulations - Pewdiepie, Roomie & Boyinaband Congratulations - Pewdiepie, Roomie & Boyinaband Cover Art

Lit bois. Most lit diss track in the world. Also, what do people have against rice gum. Anyways, this was so sad at 2:55

I'm not a great fan of Pewdiepie, but this dude wrote the BOOK on dissing YouTubers!

More musicality and production quality than any other disstrack listed on this site.

On the same level as B Lasagna. Should be #2 on this list (or even #1...? )

14 Sidemen Diss Track - ComedyShortsGamer
15 Ungrateful - ComedyShortsGamer
16 Finished - Behzinga
17 Quadeca - Insecure (Ksi Diss Track)

Quad needs more attention. This track is proof of that. It may be a diss track but it’s a lyrical and compositional masterpiece.

It's obvioulsy top 5. People need to understand this is about lyrics and disses.

By far the best diss track save Idubbbz and pewdiepie

This is straight fire

18 RiceDum - Bart Baker RiceDum - Bart Baker Cover Art

Hilarious. Ricegum sucks.

19 The End - Vikkstar123

not meant to be super hurtful but straight memeing Deji


20 Who Da Man - Dax
21 Drama - Behzinga

Should be within the top 10 since this is where the sidemen vs. ksi and deji drama begins!

22 Congratulations - Pewdiepie

Oh yeah! I love how he disguises it as a compliment.

A Congratulations With A Switch

23 On Point - KSI

The music video when you watch it you know JJ goes in on Logan and his family and some of the stuff he did.

The video is what tops it of as one of the best

24 W2s - Ksi exposed

Ksi was exposed

25 Manchild - Randolph

Best youtuber disstrack of all time, comfortably. Every line is a diss and the flow is mental. Beat holds up as well.

Absolute fire! Beat could be better though.

in my opinion the best distract of all time. every single line is a diss and the flow is insane

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