Top 10 YouTubers That Don't Deserve Their Subscribers


The Top Ten

1 JustinBieberVevo

Who likes Justin Bieber - jbella9000

2 Sam Pepper Sam Pepper

I agree.

3 Tobuscus
4 Fred Fred

He actually deserved them, because he was original, and had real ideas.

5 Howtobasic
6 NickiMinajVevo
7 Watchmojo Watchmojo
9 LeafyIsHere

True, he doesn't. - redhawk766

At least he's suing that ****hole Keem. - Swellow

Screaming mu lungs off - Puga

10 JennaMarbles

The Contenders

11 PewDiePie

Leave PewDiePie alone! - redhawk766

12 VitalyzdTV
13 RiceGum
14 iDubbbzTV
15 Super Minecraft Kid

Yea agreed he suck a lot

16 Shane Dawson

This guy has got to be the most disgusting YouTuber I have ever come across. His videos are so immature, disgusting, annoying and repetitive. He jokes about serious issues, talks about sex and misleads his fans into his content. He doesn't care about his fans. He only uses them for attention. If you Shane fangirls and fanboys want to criticise me, I have this to say: I am a Dibble Soldier working for the Marcus Dibble army. - ThePwoperMuser101

17 Stampylongnose
18 Dantdm
19 Popularmmos
20 TheMysteriousMrEnter
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