YouTubers that LanceGamiao Doesn't Like

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The Top Ten

1 NessQuik

He cannot stop swearing and cyberbullying, and saying bad things in AwsominerSpongcraftFnaF's Discussion, My first gaming video, and others. his videos has many dislikes. worst than Datfrostyboi.

He just called me a gay.

Penalty: CGG Grounded Guest in 5 EPISODES


2 Datfrostyboi

He just say something offensive in my old discussion tab, so I disable it for weeks, in the new discussion tab, I put rules. he just do not have any uploads. - LanceGamiao

3 Josh Lampton

He is the other NessQuik and commented bad on my first event. HE JUST MAKE HATE COMMENT ON MY BIRTHDAY EVENT! He just called me a fa*.

Penalty: CGG Grounded Guest in 2 EPISODES

4 your grand daddy from outer space

He always swear at me and got:

Penalty: CGG Grounded Guest in 4 EPISODES

5 Eddie Carmine

Who disliked my video and got

Penalty: CGG Grounded Guest in 1 EPISODE.

6 JustinBieberVEVO
7 Alan the Video Maker
8 WAYNEHyzoda

Last Month, he called me a dumbhead. but he said sorry now.

9 Swordchicken

Last Month, he said the f word to me.

10 Usernames are for sellouts

He is not listening to me to stop swearing.. - LanceGamiao

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