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I always love watch them making top 10

I love there Cartoon Lists because I love Cartoons. - PatrickStar3

Should by number 1

This guy is awesome his top ten lists are amazing his awesome keep it up dudeyou will be an awesome youtuber

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2 Matthew Santoro

I love his lists! They are always jam-packed full of information! - Pegasister12

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3 Danger Dolan
4 Alltime10s
5 Top Trending
7 Top Media
8 MindChop
9 PhantomStrider8

This guy is pure awesomeness. Not only does he have good taste in various series, he's amazing at debating for his opinions! How he hasn't made at least number 5 yet, I have no clue. I also like how he lets fans vote on which top 10 list they want next. He's one of the people like me who believe that cartoons have come a long way from the toy-promoters of the '80s (even the good ones from then). It's satisfying to see someone who believes cartoons can be in-depth & not just for kids (Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Invader Zim, & Star vs the Forces of Evil, to name a few). Stay awesome, PhantomStrider8.
- JohnOfArcades

This guy is epic and really funny. - PatrickStar3

10 MostAmazingTop10

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11 Top 10s
12 TheRichest
13 Top5s

His videos are good but are creepy.

14 Trend Crave
15 Top 5 Central
16 Top Extract
17 What Culture
18 Top15s
19 Top Trends
20 ScreenRant
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