YouTubers that Need More Recognition in 2018


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21 Liam Read

I know I haven't uploaded anything on my YouTube channel in months but please check me out and I promise that sometime soon, I'll upload something for you guys. - Liam31idents

22 BigYoshiFan
23 Gubz
24 Shane Dawson
25 Magicat
26 Double Toasted

Korey Coleman and his friends. - girlcool

27 Benthelooney

He's been underrated for years. - girlcool

Ew, no. He's a pervert who draws pics of underage characters. - Aragorn98

28 MTCN Review Team
29 Dirtbikeredden
30 Doodletones
31 The Blockbuster Buster
32 HourOfPoop

One of the most underrated YTPers, although his “You Reposed in the Wrong Trousers” video has hundreds of thousands of views. - Drewman1211

33 Ottomagic Critic

Pretty underrated commentary channel. - Drewman1211

34 The Majority Report with Sam Seder
35 ralphthemoviemaker
36 98Demake

Ever wonder what you're favorite video game would like if it was on an older console? This guy animates modern games and demakes them to look like PS1 era graphics. He does the whole box art and everything too. Gamers who want a cool channel to watch, check this guy out. - cjWriter1997

37 Titototter
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