Top Ten Best YouTubers Who Deserve More Attention


The Top Ten

1 RebelTaxi

I love RebelTaxi so much! He's AMAZING! - JelloLife

2 PMrants

I don't know why he gets hate, he's smart, likable and realistic, I love him - Quart

3 The Rock Critic
4 Exinthevatican: Vinesauce Joel
5 theneedledrop
6 Spectrum Pulse
7 RobingGaming
9 Satchbag's Goods
10 Advenger_BAT

The Contenders

11 PaleoSteno
12 Sharp tK
13 ARTV Reviews
14 DarkMatter2525 DarkMatter2525
15 XxBiscuitxX
16 MovieSins
17 ADoseofBuckley

I love him and I think he's great, but he's not a YouTuber sorry - Quart

18 Yuriofwind
19 Undertakerfreak1127

Yes, he does, one of the best YouTubers on the whole site!

I forgot to add him D: sorry - Quart

20 dxfan619
21 The Tyshawn Zone

Oh crap, I should have known who this guy was before I made this list, he would be higher - Quart

22 Logan Crews

Definitely check out his worst songs of 2013 and worst YouTubers list.

23 TheFlickPick
24 JohnFlickster
25 FunforLouis
26 Here Lies Music
27 Silencewithinme
28 Paul Wardingham
29 Hybrid Librarian
30 CountBlagorath
31 Daretobestupidshow
32 The Mysterious Mr Enter

No don't check him out. He's an overrated prick who takes cartoons way too seriously. Just check out the commentaries and rants on him.

33 Hewy Toonmore
34 Headbanger142
35 dstcoyote22
36 IHEOfficial
37 VicDiBitetto

Definitely check out his rants on Justin Bieber and Kanye West. They're definitely worth your time. Trust me.

38 TheSw1tcher
39 Doknot1999
40 Dark5
41 Pieguyrulz
42 Blameitonjorge
43 The Nostalgia Critic
44 Pen Reviews

Any true hip hop fan should check this guy out.

45 The Son of Sparda
46 8-bitgaming
47 SuperMarioLogan SuperMarioLogan
48 BigYoshiFan BigYoshiFan
49 AnimatedJames
50 1989gamemaster
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