Top Ten YouTubers Who Have Committed Horrible Crimes

Some youtubers ave did assault rape robbery or more
Hint if I put a star emoji that means it hasn't been confirm if they did the crime or not

Links to channel will be in each description box if there available

Links don't show the crimes just a vid on there YouTube

The Top Ten

1 Edarem

He has been to prison for being a sex offender and refused to tell people he was a sex offender and then went back to jail read his Wikipedia to know the bigger details

One of his videos v=n77auNQDiPk

You can look linl - speed

2 Jared Lee Loughner

Murdered 19 people - speed

3 Trey Eric Sesler

Anime reviewer doing a terrorist attack?
Damn, something's going wrong with him! - BorisRule

Killed his family and then almost committed a school massacre.

I've heard of this guy. He was called Mr. Anime and did anime reviews, but then turned crazy and attempted to kill everyone. - TwilightKitsune

Killed His whole family and started a school shooting v=7xYz_Qre1Qs - speed

4 Anthony Castillo

Anthony killed a YouTuber named Asia McGowan
He also made several hate videos to women

Anthony v=TP2qJ316dV0

Asia McGowan v=RirxDAI3XHs - speed

5 Anders Breivik
6 Elliot Rodgers

Elliot Rodger killed 6 people and himself while injuring 4 others. All this because he was upset by all therejection and loneliness society has given him. Not only did he whine a lot but he was also a big douche who ruinedthe lives of others because of his problems. He also had misogynistic and racist views.

Killed 6 people injured 14
He did it because he simply couldn't get laid
But he keeps whining about how he hates women v=-4CressilIo - speed

7 Sam Pepper

Sexually assaulted several women
And made a fake shooting video

Not sure if it was just a prank or an actual sex offender v=6KNCkuUOwoQ - speed

8 Lionmaker

Lion maker has send child pornography
And has had sexual relationships with under age kids
He even sent another's YouTubers nudes all over twitter
Called Paige the panda

Paige the panda
Lion maker v=6A4yG9RSQGk - speed

9 Tamerlan Tsarnaev
10 Veenoneeye


The Contenders

11 Austin Jones (Child Pornography)
12 KeemStar KeemStar Daniel M. Keem, better known online as Keemstar, Killer Keemstar, and formally DJ Keemstar, is an American YouTuber and online news reporter, best known for being the creator, producer and host of the YouTube drama show, DramaAlert, a source for news within YouTube. He is also one of the founding members more.
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