YouTubers Who Quit What They Were Most Famous For

This list is about YouTubers who quit the things they were most famous for. Like for example a character or series or anything that made them famous. This list doesn’t rely on how many subscribers they have/had but the things that made them gain their subscribers & overall made them famous.
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1 Joji Miller - Filthy Frank

Best known for his character Filthy Frank, he had ~6.61 million subscribers & over the years his character traits made him best known. He turned the Harlem Shake into a meme, he was the anti-vlogger & it was a unique story for YouTube entertainment. Eventually he decided to quit his channel after suffering a neurological condition that gave him seizures & at the same time he decided to move onto being a rapper.

2 Lucas Cruikshank - Fred

Lucas was known most for creating Fred Figglehorn & became the 1st to get over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. For the last ~7.8 years he created episodes as Fred who was hyperactive & had anger issues dealing with messed up parents & a messed up life. Eventually on August 20th, 2014, he decided to quit Fred & eventually sold his channel to kids who eventually left as well, therefore selling his fame to rock bottom.

3 Smosh - Anthony Padilla

I miss him. Smosh used to be elite with Anthony Padilla. When he left, Smosh became a train wreck. Now, it's just pointless Every "Insert something" Ever videos.

Smosh have one of the most famous channels, past 24 million subscribers single & ~43.8 million combining all their channels together. Smosh were known for having the lead member Anthony Padilla. Eventually after ~12 years Anthony decided to leave, putting their channel downhill so they don't make good videos anymore. A huge era of goodness put to a sudden end after ~12 years.

4 Zoe Sugg - Zoella YouTube Channel

Zoe Sugg was known most famously for her Zoella channel, which gained ~11.6 million subscribers in more than a decade & she became the queen of YouTube in the U.K. & the U.K.'s greatest beauty YouTuber. Eventually she quit it without telling anyone beforehand & moved onto to a smaller channel which has only ~4.85 million subscribers instead of continuing her original channel & passing 12M.

5 Machinima - YouTube

They had YouTube channel that relied on gaming & lasted for many years until 2019 where they left it dark & quit. They had ~12.2 million subscribers for their work.

6 Casey Neistat - Daily Vlogging

Casey was known best for his daily vlogging & done in a 1 of a kind way unlike anyone else. He made daily vlogs that impressed even big budget movie crew & went from being a typical amateur vlogger into a professional magical vlogging. Eventually in 2016 he decided to quit daily vlogging, shocking the world, until making a return on 2017 before leaving his hometown New York City after ~18 years & eventually spreading his vlogs apart. An important era come to an end & he will never be replaced.

7 Charles Trippy - Daily Vlogging

The king of daily vlogging, Charles Trippy was known for making the highest number of daily vlogs. That means he vlogged every day without missing a day for the longest time. He made a whopping 3,653 vlogs! Each 1 every single day for the last 10 years. Eventually he decided to quit daily vlogging, putting a huge era & the main thing that made him famous to an end.

8 SuperMarioLogan - Mama Luigi & Classic Characters
9 Bart Baker - Parodies

Bart Baker was the king of parodies & made parodies of many popular songs from singers. Singers from the past to present generation of music. Eventually in September 6th, 2019 he quit YouTube after reaching ~10.1 million subscribers to pursue his career as a Chinese music artist after gaining more fame than Justin Bieber did in China in the last 6 months.

10 PewDiePie - Gameplays

PewDiePie was known for gaming & his channel relied on gaming. Eventually he dediced to quit gaming with gameplays & despite that he still grew & eventually he became the 1st individual YouTuber to pass 100 million subscribers, though that was after #Music & T-Series passed 100M.

The Contenders
11 Mark Rober - NASA and Apple inc

Mark Rober makes quality content on Youtube and we want him to stay there. Videos can never get any cooler and more entertaining to watch.

NASA was just his undercover disguise, Youtube is Mark´s thing.

12 SammyClassicSonicFan - Yelling at people
13 Adam Dahlberg - SkyDoesMinecraft

He was known for his YouTube channel SkyDoesMinecraft & gained ~10.57 million subscribers from his Minecraft videos. He was the king of Minecraft videos & spent years making them & eventually decided to move on from it, putting his most famous work to an end.

14 The Janoskians - YouTube
15 Coyote Peterson - Bite/Sting Episodes

Coyote Peterson was not only famous for his channel Brave Wilderness, but especially his videos centered on getting bitten & stung by creatures, including alligators, turtles, ants, wasps, bees, centipedes, etc. He became viral especially after getting stung by harvester ants, a giant velvet ant (an ant-looking ground wasp), a tarantula hawk & bullet ant (which lives up to its name). It was dedicated to Justin O. Schmidt, the man of 1,000 stings. His worst bite was from a giant desert centipede & the only one where he sought medical attention & his worst sting he claimed was from an executioner wasp, which he claimed FAR more painful than that of a bullet ant or Japanese giant hornet (which he also claimed worse than a bullet ant for pain). With his bite/sting episodes he gained ~14.5 million subscribers to this day & 10M in just ~23 months, slightly faster than Liza Koshy, making Brave Wilderness 1 of the fastest growing channels on YouTube. The closest the Internet & YouTube's ever ...more

16 Tom Syndicate - Daily Vlogging

He had been vlogging daily for 3 years, which is 1,095 3/4 days & decided to quit vlogging on Sundays, therefore putting an end to a 3 year era that made him famous. He was like the greatest daily vlogger after Charles Trippy.

17 Hannah Stocking - Skits

She became famous for doing skits (originally on the now-defunct platform Vine & eventually on YouTube). Eventually in 2020 she became a weekly vlogger after engaging with Ondreaz Lopez & left her comedy days behind too soon without prior announcement. She also left her educational roots behind as well. Since then, she's been losing 10's of thousands of subscribers on a regular basis.

18 Hannah Stocking - YouTube

She didn't quit YouTube, she still makes videos. Plus this looks like a duplicate of her on here (for a better reason).

19 SevenSuperGirls - YouTube

They were around for ~11 years & known for their out of control antics & sassy behavior. They had the humor of family vlogs & has the potential of being amongst the best family vloggers of all time, until their father sexually harassed & eventually decided to delete their channel.

20 Logan Paul - Daily Vlogging

Logan Paul gained fame for daily vlogging & eventually gained millions of subscribers from it & at 1 time gained 10 million plus in 333 days, making his channel the fastest to gain 10M+ subs on YouTube until PewDiePie & T-Series (which got more than 45M in the same rate). He made monumental history for having one of the fastest growing YouTube channels but unfortunately filmed a dead body in a Japanese forest, made fun of it & posted it, leading to a historic scandal & later on he decided he quit daily vlogging, putting the seed of his YouTube fame to an end. Good thing he's forgotten now even after making epic YouTube history.

21 Liza Koshy - Wednesdays With Liza

She was most famous for making regular videos on Wednesday, but then in 2018 she signed up for YouTube Premium & now does Liza on Demand. Yet she worked on her new Netflix movie Work.

22 Ondreaz Lopez - YouTube
23 Ondreaz Lopez - Music
24 Patrick Smith - TheSmithPlays

He spent over 8 years 4 months creating gaming content on his channel TheSmithPlays. On December 29th, 2020, he decided to leave to become a rock 'n' roll music artist.

25 Alex Wassabi - YouTube

After 11.5 years & 11.5M subscribers, Alex Wassabi announced on YouTube on New Year's Eve 2020 he'd take a break to focus on his health & other things. 2020 is seriously the biggest year our most favorite YouTubers quit.

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