Top Ten YouTubers Who've Declined In Quality the Most


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21 Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye

I still watch him today, and I still enjoy his videos, but I feel like he now is restricting himself due to his bigger community, I remember when he had less than 1 million subscribers, and at that time he could say and do whatever he wants, but he has to be more careful now, and I feel like that is restricting his personality a bit.

When he had less subscribers he was way funnier..
:( - MagmaFox

22 Adasport
23 Lucas

His channel was good until after he came out gay, which then he started posting randomly crappy videos, like many people nowadays, and nowadays has just over 2M subscribers and his videos barely get above 1 thousand to 1 million viewers.

24 Lisa Schwartz Lisa Schwartz

She used to be good with all the challenges, until she got in a fight with Shane Dawson and broke up, which has lead to her making crappy videos like many other people.

25 ShaneDawson

Do I have to explain?

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