Top Ten Yowamushi Pedal Characters

This list is about an awesome sports anime series called Yowamushi Pedal

The Top Ten

1 Akira Midousuji

A little bit creepy (most of the weirdos in Yowapeda always have their tongues sticking out whenever they race seriously), but is probably the main pseudo-antagonist of the series. Receives a lot of character development. - Kiteretsunu

2 Sakamichi Onoda

One of the most unique main characters I've seen in sports anime in general. He's not a showoff, nor does he look like a badass, but is a badass in what he actually does without even realizing it. - Kiteretsunu

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3 Shunsuke Imaizumi

"First place is also the quietest."
The main principle on what Imaizumi basically races during the competitions. He's cool, did went through some self confidence issues when he was defeated by Midousuji during his middle school years, but eventually overcame it later on. - Kiteretsunu

He should be number one. Oh yeah, watch Inuyasha. Although the main character (Onoda) is unlike anybody in the anime, Imaizumi is like Sesshomaru and Naruko is a bit like Inuyasha (Or Koga). Or at least look up the pictures.

4 Shoukichi Naruko

A sprinter which can also climb, and is a person full of character. - Kiteretsunu

5 Miki Kanzaki
6 Yuusuke Makishima

He should be first.

7 Arakita Yasutomo
8 Sangaku Manami

He's sweetest at the same time can be dangerous.

9 Jin Tadokoro
10 Juichi Fukutomi

The Contenders

11 Hayato Shinkai

He is the fastest.

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