Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Story Arcs

The best Yu-Gi-Oh Story Arc! By all series, I mean Duel-Monsters, Duel-Monsters GX, 5DS and Zexal.

The Top Ten Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Story Arcs

1 Battle City

Marik Had Them In Some Pretty F••ked Up Situations... These Duels Made The Most Sense & Were The Most Dangerous Beside All The Magic That Was Involved In The Other Arcs. Battle City Was More Skill And I Hope I Live Through This Duel.

2 Duelist Kingdom
3 Legendary Heroes
4 Waking the Dragons
5 Virtual World
6 Battle City Finals
7 Grand Championship
8 Dawn of the Duel

This kind of reminded me of Pokemon... is that weird? - HeavyDonkeyKong

9 The Ceremonial Battle
10 Society of Light (GX)

The Contenders

11 Dimension World (GX)
12 Darkness (GX)
13 Seven Stars (GX)
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