Top Ten Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards From 1996-2011

The Top Ten

1 Exodia

Exodia is the bomb

2 Horakhty

Horakhty is AWESOME! When you special summon him you WIN the DUEL! And you only need 4 cards including Horakhty vs needing 6 Exodia cards! He is simply the BEST of the BEST! THis card has never lost me!

He is a combination of the God cards how is he not the best.

Cool card. By the way it is a she. It is female

3 Odin The Father Of Aesir

He wrecks so many decks - 4000 attack, unaffected by spells and traps during your turn, and he can be revived! Not unbeatable, but very off-putting for many meta decks.

Amazing card if you kill him some how, this card comes right back out by simply removing from play a Nordic ascendant tuner from your graveyard and has 4000 ATK

4 Magician of Black Chaos

This awesome card has never let me down and always has me win

5 Thor Lord Of Aesir
6 Blue Eyes White Dragon

Ultimate engine of destruction.

7 Super Conductor Tyranno

Have this card in my dinosaur/machine deck works really awesome

I have him in my Dino deck!

8 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

It could beat exodia anyday in a duel.

9 Loki Lord of Aesir
10 Dark Magician

Yeah dark magician is powerful but really he doesn't have an effect and HE'S A MAGICIAN!

Cool card real life saver

I think thi scard is amazing althuogh I think your order is out

The Contenders

11 The Winged Dragon of Ra

The best god card in the game you can get.


12 Dark Magician Girl

Awesome ability and great attack

13 Elemental Hero Neos

Any elemental hero card is my favorite

14 Dragon Master Knight

This card is AWESOME! It has 5000 ATK and 5000 definitely AND gains 500 ATK for EACH and EVERY card on the FIELD including you and your opponent! It has NEVER lost me a duel!

15 Kuriboh

I own kuriboh. He has a good ability and he's cute

16 Stardust Dragon

This Dragon's little ability is OP he can negate an ability of a monster by sacrificing himself the at the end of the turn he comes back to the field

17 Cyber Twin Dragon

I like this card because it has 2800 atk points and it can attack twice in the same battle phase for a total of 5600 atk points at the same time.

18 Obelisk the Tormentor

God card and 4000atk and 4000def.

19 Red Dragon Archfiend

One of the best signer dragons.

20 Yubel

I absolutly LOVE Yubel, she's one of my favorite characters/monsters, plus her effects are awesome! I mean, as long as you've got 2 monsters to sacrifice each turn, you take NO damage from atacks, inflict that damage on your oponents, and you CAN'T be destroyed by battle, AND when you are destroyed, you grow stronger. What's not to love?

21 Slifer the Sky Dragon

I never lose with slifer is second best card

With slifer never have lose for every card you take has 1000 atk for slifer it's the most powerful god in yugioh - yami345

22 Multiply

With Multiply I never loses because is the best card from spell cards never never loses 27 wins 0 loses - yami345

23 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
24 Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon

Very powerful machine type

25 Inferno
26 Fire Princess
27 Lava Golem
28 Battle Footballer
29 Sinister Serpent
30 Right Leg of the Beast
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