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241 Starlight Dragon V 1 Comment
242 United We Stand

The most OP equip card ever. At most, it can give you a whopping 4000 hp boost. The only downside is that Magic Cylinder can really put a damper on it. Otherwise, this card is a must-have.

243 Archlord Kristya
244 The Supremacy Sun V 2 Comments
245 Clear Vice Dragon

It's the best because the attk is doubled if it attacks and if this card would be destroyed you can just discard one card instead

246 Ojama Yellow

He looks like my dad at 3 AM.

247 Lumenize

It is boss it gains the attack of the light monser and give it to your monster

248 Enraged Muka Muka

One of my favorites you got slot of cards tribute 1amd then add 400 life points to it and it starts at 1200 life points bring it on and bam kill your opponents monsters

249 Sanga of the Thunder
250 Rocket Arrow Express

I have 2 of these. Its awesome if you get it on your first draw phase and is a great comeback when someone uses Gandora on you. With its 5000 attack points your opponent is immediately overwhelmed

5000 attack points. If you have no monsters on your field, you can summon it from your hand

251 Fire King High Avatar Garunix

This card is OP, the only card that puts a downside for this card is soul drain.

This card totally destroys, destroying it by card effects is its friend.

252 Copycat

Takes on effects/attributes of any monster you select

Not to mention the attack (like wicked Avatar)

253 Morphing Jar #2
254 Ordeal of Wanderer

One of the best continuous trap card on the field plus 1 monster, 1 spell and 1 trap card on hand and summon jester lord

255 Ancient Gear Golem

This is the best monster in a machine deck,you make a machine deck get this card!

256 Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade

This card has such a great effect that leaves the opponent with basically two choices don't use monster effects or get screwed plus with 3000 atk this card is hard to beat

257 Infernity Archfiend

It is a must for an infernity deck, also it helps you swarm the field with lv 3 and 4s on the first turn.

258 Worm Queen
259 White Night Dragon

Same stats as Blue eyes white dragon BUT WITH an effect (can't be targeted by spells and traps) OP Way better than dark magician its normal monster lolol

260 Dark Necrofear
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