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261 Fire King High Avatar Garunix

This card is OP, the only card that puts a downside for this card is soul drain.

This card totally destroys, destroying it by card effects is its friend.

262 Copycat

Takes on effects/attributes of any monster you select

Not to mention the attack (like wicked Avatar)

263 Morphing Jar #2
264 Ordeal of Wanderer

One of the best continuous trap card on the field plus 1 monster, 1 spell and 1 trap card on hand and summon jester lord

265 Number C104: Umbral Horror Masquerade

This card has such a great effect that leaves the opponent with basically two choices don't use monster effects or get screwed plus with 3000 atk this card is hard to beat

266 Infernity Archfiend

It is a must for an infernity deck, also it helps you swarm the field with lv 3 and 4s on the first turn.

267 Worm Queen
268 Dark Necrofear
269 Six Samurai - Zanji

If it is another six samurai on your side (why not just equip it with spirit of the six samurai) it can use it's special effect to remove a monster card at the opponents side of the field. It can also use another six samurai card as a substitute when Zanji would be removed from play.

270 Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight

I mean really it's a 2600 beater and you can discard to destroy I mean duuu! Can kill anything exodia,gods,blue eyes are nothing in comparison. Please vote

V 2 Comments
271 Royal Tribute

Is it a spell or trap

272 Necrovalley
273 Fortune Lady Earth

It starts at level 6. Every turn its level goes up by one, and your opponent takes 400 points of damage. Its attack and defense are its level x 400. Completely overpowered

274 Achacha Archer

I think it is great! If you have this card in the playing field, it is essential to protect it, for each turn (both opponent and your turns) if it is on the field, 500 LP is taken from your opponent! Amazing!

275 Snatch Steal

This card is a great card to have if you like barreling strong yugioh. I have had my chimeratech overdragon stolen from me many times by this card.

276 Riryoku
277 Burst Stream Of Destruction

Such a troll I just pop it with a blue eyes and all there god cards and every thing is gone

278 Nekroz of Gungnir V 1 Comment
279 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
280 Alexandrite Dragon

An above average 4 star dragon monster - RudeTyler2004

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