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21 Penguin Soldier

This cards saved me in lots of tough situations PENGUIN SOLDIER ROCKS!

Penguin soldier is the toughest card in my deck. With an immense 8000 atk and unlimited defense, and an effect that wipes out the entire field, penguin soldier is one to keep. He can even beat exodia.

Back to hand lol gg

22 Cyber Jar

Do you know what cyber jar does it's flip effect destroys all monsters on the field that includes five headed dragon, dark magician, dark magician girl, jinzo, any blue eyes dragon, etc... and you (and your opponent) then pick up five cards from the top of your deck show them to each other and summon any level 4 or below monsters.

23 Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

This card is not one that I would pit against gods or exodia but this card has many great affect and would not be a bad card as you have to scarifies blue eyes ultimate dragon

This card may have a base 3000 attack but because of the fact that you need to tribute ultimate that puts ultimate and 3 white dragons in the grave so if those are the only dragons in the graveyard shining dragon has 4200 attack

When you summon this card, you straight away get 4200 attack, stronger than obelisk the tormentor, and it can also negate cards effects whenever you like.

This guy should be put way before blue yes w. dragon and blue eyes u. Dragon

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24 Kuriboh

I play a Kuriboh deck and I win like almost all the time. And it's cute! XD

Cute little puffball that saves you.. Of course it's amazing

Just amazing I have seen many cards and it has one of the best effects so vote for it


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25 Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning

It only take one light and dark monster to summon him as long as their in the graveyard. Plus his attack his 3000 and his defense is 2500 plus he can attack twice and he be fused with a number of monsters. What more can you ask for?

Pretty much the LIGHT, but more stronger and better, version of Chaos Sorcerer. Can easily get rid of cards that annoy you like Stardust Dragon.

Two attacks with 3000 attack points and an ability to remove any monster from play. Why isn't this at the top!

Sick card best in the game

Fatal, 2 attacks รก 3000 dmg + (honest)

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26 Monster Reborn

No card is better than this I mean steal monster from your opponents grave is CRAZY O.P.!

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27 Gene Warped Warwolf

It's a awesome card if you don't know about this card Google it

No effect \_(-_-)_/

28 Dragon Master Knight

This card has 5000 ATK and 5000 definitely but you have to have Black Luster Soldier and Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Best card ever, and like one of you have said before, use substitute cards. They are perfect for Fusion Decks. (And summoning Dragon Master Knight).

You guys do know how easy this is to summon, right? You can just use a substitute card, like King of The Swamp or something.

And it stronger than exodia

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29 Rainbow Neos

Rainbow dragon is an amazing card so is elemental hero neos but fuse them together and it makes a even more amazing card if it wasn't him it would be five headed dragon.

Rainbow Neos is a great card to have, and it's good enough to have it's own archetype.

It has helped me win many duels it can send any card to the deck and with future fusion it's better than five headed dragon if it on the feild after him it can send him to the deck it's a really powerful card and if you have utopia you can stop his attck then play double or nothing its attck doubles and withh no cards on the feild what can your opponent do and add miracle space typhoon you can take out his monsters and his spells and if you have drawing cards you can draw down to rainbow dragon and neos and the cards you need he can also stop light sworn decks with his other effs he is the best

30 Pot of Greed

It is an old good classic card without any true costs and it can indeed be a so called lifesaver

This is by far the STRONGEST card ever. This card has no disadvantages. Not even the imaginary disadvantage that if you draw this card you might not draw an other card. Its good that its banned. If not I would put it in every deck as much as I am allowed to. It would only be logical.

And there shouldn't be a card that every deck MUST have, no matter what.

This card definitely is one of the best, it almost always gets me out of tough situations when I duel. Too bad it's banned from tournament duels or I'd be able to enter with my dragon deck.

Has Saved Me against a Blue Eyes

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31 Dark Hole

Dark hole may be negated by white hole but you only have a white hole to negate your own dark hole a dark hole will still ruin the other fields of play and block every other dark hole played during the game as it is a permanent trap card

Kills all monsters on the battlefield.awesome.this card is a must have.

Completely obliterates all monsters, great card for getting out of tight situations, plus you can just use it, normal summon, and direct attack.

I think I know a card to negate it or something the cards called "White Hole" so yeh

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32 Temple of Kings

Not being able to activate Traps the turn they are set annoys me so much. Plus, if you have Serket out, all the more power to you!

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33 Elemental Hero Neos

They are really the best card

I like elemental hero neos is a ultra rare card

Has lots of support cards

Can contact fuse, enough said

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34 The Wicked Dreadroot

I have this card very powerful and a force to be reckoned with

The most deadly card I've ever come upon

Why is this not in the top ten he halves the attack of all monsters even EGCs! Exodia is the best, but this guy come pretty close.

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35 Yata Garasu

Owns if in good position like when your opponent has useless spells an traps so it is an automatic win.

This card is one of the main reasons for the creation of the forbidden and limited list. The card is game-breaking and can guarantee a win in the right position. It defined one of the most broken formats ever in Yugioh.

If your lucky, you can get use this card to get an instant win - Flyingcobra

Is is one of the best cards ever made

36 Mystic Space Typhoon

What? It's flipping Mystical Space Typhoon: One of the most useful cards ever!

37 Red Eyes Black Dragon

I never played that much, but this was the sickest card out there.

Since the red-eyes represents potential, it comes with a wide variety of combinations. The idea of the red-eyes being to get its stronger forms on the field allows for multiple card effects essential for any kind of dragon deck

Just look at this card and tell me it isn't sick. Plus with so many possibilities to make it even more powerful it's the coolest non uber card out there

Red Eyes Black Dragon Could Easily Match the blue eyes by combinding it with the sharp nails think before u make a list about it.

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38 Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

Practically cannot be destroyed by battle, as it can banish both monsters till the end of the battle phase, and it is Kite's signature card

Ire on Galaxy eyes photon dragon should be number three I ever lose with I've even beaten blue eyes ultimate dragon with it

Why is this not number one since exodia has been limited


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39 Buster Blader

Its great, especially if your up against a dragon deck

40 Makyura the Destructor
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