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61 Just Deserts

It was my first Yugioh card and it's very strong. Moreover it fits in all decks and is so helpfull to beat your opponent.

62 Magical Scientist
63 Tribe Infecting Virus

All I would us is spell caster deck with monster reborn and return from another dement ion and return from the haunted and tribute to the doomed I went undefeated in the tournament.

Most OP card ever, but I still love it.
Tribe Infeting Virus+DNA Surgery+Harpie's Feather Duster= win.
:D So amazing...

Too bad it got banned in tournaments :(

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64 Stardust Dragon

The King all cards. Yusei always wins because of this epic card. This cards ability is also killer. Stardust is a shining star for sure.

Stardust dragon is awesome

Gorgeous design, not impossible to summon, and it can always come back? Blue eyes might have 500 more Attack, but it can't revive itself from the Graveyard.

Best card

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65 Change Of Heart

It totally lets you control your opponents monster and let's you destroy there own monster with it, what could be better.

66 Thousand Eyes Restrict

op as hell

67 Ally of Justice Catastor

Great card and can only be destroyed by dark monsters and nothing else the only good thing against it is spells/traps and dark monsters

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68 Dark Dust Spirit
69 Spiral Serpent
70 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

4000 attack and defense, deals 1000 extra damage each monster it destroys, and protects all your other monsters when it's defending. It's a god card!

Once on the field almost unstoppable. Plus it look awesome and trust me it heavily intimidates opponents with the picture and 4000/atk and 4000/definitely

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71 Wattcobra

You can only have three copies of each card in your deck (at the highest).

Have 4 in deck and direct attack of 1000 plus another into hand simply amazing!

72 Dimension Fusion
73 Bottomless Trap Hole
74 Different Dimension Capsule
75 Pot of Avarice

Cannot say I don't like this card but Hey Better than pot of greed

76 Metal Armored Bug
77 Caius the Shadow Monarch

Loophole people! Doesn't say the card you have to destroy upon its summoning has to be your card on your side of the field! Such a simple loophole has won me 100's of duels! Also it has 2400 Atk for only one tribute.

What more can you ask for... Banish a card... If its dark inflict 1000 life points. Only thing better is his daddy Caius the Mega Monarch!

Loophole people! The effect says you get to destroy 1card on the field. What it does not say is thar it has to

78 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms

You can summon tokens and then sacrifice them for 1,000 more attack

He should at least be at top 20 I have him and I never lost a battle.Someone traded and I gave him a few good ones

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79 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
80 Demise King Of Armageddon

You can get an awesome OTK with this card and it can go into almost any deck, insect, fiend, pyschic, ritual, chaos, plants quickdraw, and many others

HOW IS THIS CARD NOT NUMBER 1! In a one v one match this card could beat every single one (except maybe yata garasu) on this list!

Dude seriously.this card has saved my ass so many times.nothing lights up my face quite like having end of the world in your hand and then drawing demise.EPIC

It completely wipes out everything on the field but itself, for 2000 life points!

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