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101 Judgment Dragon

All you need is 4 lightsworn monsters in the graveyard (WHICH IS EASY) and you can special summon this guy plus you can pay 1000 life points to everything but him as many times as you want

I love judgment dragon so cool always winning in my daily battle with my friend

No card can even try to take it on

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102 Pot of Duality

You get to see the top 3 cards of the deck and choose one to add to your hand.

103 Mage Power V 1 Comment
104 Sakuretsu Armor

This card is really strong when you're oponents give an atk you can activate this card and destroy the attacking monster

105 Red Nova Dragon

4500 attack, with the potential for more, and it can't be effected by cards effects. AND it can negate pretty much any attack. Plus it's level 12.

Too overpowered for you to handle... That's all I can say

Easy to get with Infernity allowing for you to get a giant monster out with just a small combo that is easy to get. Infernity makes it so much easier because of beetle and one you get it its a 5000 attacker and can't be hurt at all. God card? Duh.

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106 Harpie Lady
107 Dark Master - Zorc

Awesome ritual card which can easily slot into any and all ritual decks, 2700 ATT 1500 definitely. But once a turn you can roll a die and if the result is 1 or 2 you destroy all of their monsters if it is 3, 4 or 5 you pick 1 monster to destroy and if it is 6 you have to destroy your monsters, can easily get you out of a tight situation.

108 Dark Paladin

Strong card, great against dragon decks, it pretty much negates spell cards, and is fusion summoned using two of the most iconic monsters in yugioh.

Buster Blader and Dark Magician were two of the coolest cards in the orginal series of yugioh. He can destroy spell cards and gets powered up by dragons, even if they are in the graveyard. My favorite card!

A very great card, If used right It is very unstoppable.

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109 Chimeratech Overdragon

Very very strong if you use it right, can have tons of attacks and attack points.

Good card I agree with the other posts

This card is so good. It can have a vey high attack and it can attack loads of times so its defenetly worth being among the top 20

110 Wave-Motion Cannon V 1 Comment
111 Rescue Cat
112 Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Why is this card not higher Trish is so op in almost any deck that can maked synchros

113 Grapha Dragon God of Dark World
114 Dimensional Prison

Does this even need an introduction

115 Stealth Bird
116 Swords of Revealing Light

Able to prevent your opponents attacking for 3 turns!

117 Grave Squirmer
118 Gaia The Fierce Knight
119 Armored Dragon LV10

Discard one card to destroy all of your opponent's monsters is basically a free direct attack every turn. It has 3000 attack and you only need one tribute technically. I'm writing this about Armed Dragon, is this a typo, or is Armored Dragon a different card that's not online at all?

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120 Field Barrier
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