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121 Dark Strike Fighter
122 Level Eater

When you have slifer in your deck it is very useful

123 Shooting Quasar Dragon

4000 ATK with an effect-disabling effect?!?!?!? Talk about OP! Plus combos great with shooting star dragon!

It's amazing! The best Synchro (excepting Junk Warrior w/ Scrap fist)

I am WOWED That this card isn't top 10! Quasar is my favorite from the T.V. show, and its OP in real form!

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124 Odd-Eyes Dragon

If this card destroys a monster the opponent gets hit with half that monster's original attack

125 Black Luster Solider

Black Luster Solider has an attack of 3000 and defense of 2500 and it can be ativated by an ritual call Black Luster Ritual. -

126 Trap Hole

cool, it can be used for destroying some level threes and all level 4 and higher

This card is very important. When a monster is annoying, and he is strong, you can kill him!

127 Red Eyes Black Chick

This is by far the best one I ever had yo.

A free Red-Eyes Summon.

128 Masked Beast Des Gardius
129 Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

You can win the match with this card its effect can send all other monster cards in the grave yard and the field out of play and get 300 attack for every monster out of play you will win for sure if you have this card it will be the only card on the field please vote for it

Good card, great for clearing the field, and it can have very high attack for its direct attack. Plus it banishes all the destroyed cards, so if your opponent has a reviving card. Bye.

Gandora can definitely clear the field plus it's a real life saver with nothing to stop it from utterly annihilating your opponent.

I love this card it's so useful for getting out of tight situations.

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130 Volcanic Doomfire

If this card destroys only one of the opponents cards this will result in the other cards being destroyed making the opponent unable to summon any of his strong cards this should be number 1 I have it and I always use it to win

I don't think this card should be number 1 but it's definitely strong enough to be in the top 50

131 Destiny Hero Plasma

Okay so you added relinquished but I think that destiny hero plasma is the best monsters in the game, it negates all your opponents monster effect AND you get to equip one monster they control to it to gain half its attack which is good cause he already has 1900, plus you have to tribute 3 monsters to SPECIAL summon him so basically you don't lose your normal summon like you do with the gods (by the way this cards brings even the gods to their knees) and you can summon him by tributing scapegoat tokens cause its not tribute summoned. when you get this card out it pretty much is an auto win if you have a couple dark bribes in place to protect it

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132 Black Rose Dragon

To me, this is definitely the strongest synchro monster. It has the ability to destroy all cards on the field. I would seriously consider putting this card in the top 10.

Completely overpowered, it destroys the entire field, and can change an attack to 0.

Total Beast Mode card! If I had a choice, this card would be Number One. Love this Card!

This isn't the best synchro but its up the with red nova and quasar I mean seriously

133 Ultimate Tyranno V 1 Comment
134 Cloudian - Eye of the Typhoon

I play a cloudian deck and this card is not only my favorite card in the world but it's the most powerful aqua type monster for solid attack

135 Seal of Orichalcos

Guy's (and girls) how the heck is this 135?!?!?!? One all your monster's get a nice power boost (500 to be exact) second it's super hard to get of the field. and third it lets your stronger monster's protect your weaker monsters?!?!?!? this deserves the top 30 at the very least!

500 attack and immunity to all of your weaker monsters is good, plus it cannot be destroyed. Bad for Synchro decks.

All of season 4 this card is the best, and the card is almost as overpowered in real life.

It's op. So long as you don't rely on the extra deck, this card is your best friend.

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136 Neo Spacian Hummingbird

It's a card that not many people know about but if you can use the effect correctly and protect it every turn it gives you 300 life points for every card in your opponents hand.Nice to have if you're in trouble.

137 Revival Jam V 1 Comment
138 Dark Sage
139 Meda Bat

It looks cool. Yugioh is boring by the way.

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140 Meteor Dragon
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