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141 Meteor Dragon
142 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
143 Magician of Faith V 1 Comment
144 Raigeki

A monster board wipe is really useful, and this one is the best because it has no cost and only hits the opponents monster zone(as opposed to dark hole which is all monsters) and it's a spell so it doesn't have to be set like a trap. over all an amazing card and a good target for left arm offering.

145 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8

3000 attack

Awesome monster, proof of other monsters and magic cards
Perfect for annoying your opponent

146 Dark Magician of Chaos
147 White Horned Dragon

Once Normal or Special Summoned, you can banish five of your opponent's Spell Cards from his own Graveyard. A very effective card for sure.

148 Fox Fire
149 Soul Drain Dragon

It has 4000 attack points and all you need to summon it is the baby tyrannosaur it can also go toe to toe with obelisk and most of the top ten cards on this list

Dragon/ effect Atk/4000 definitely/0

150 Junk Warrior

Incredibly reliable monster with solid attack and defense

151 Lava Golem

Just a kick ass card that gets over looked

Lava golem is a savior guys vote for it..
it's a savior because:
it can put out very op monsters + -1000 damage to your opponent for every standby phase!
Note: but be ready for owner's seal

152 Crimson Dragon
153 Polymerization

You need it for fusion monsters!

V 1 Comment
154 Destiny End Dragoon
155 Guardian Eatos

Boss that's my fave card with dark magician girl but eatos rocks... If you have the right cards you can defend very well your cards and play some cards aumotically and in combine with guardian grarl and kay'est you can't get attacked and you can kill the most pf the monsters at YuGiOh!

156 Honest

When you are using light deck add him he can destroy anything even horakthy and armmytyle

Simply overpowered. Turns any battle into an automatic win. Plus, it has 1900 defense, which is good for level 4.

With lights you can win most battles... It basically an automatic win.

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157 Maju Garzett

Maju Garzett and Great maju Garzett are the best cards to have in a deck in my opinion.

All you need to do is sacrifice monsters with either a combined strength of 2000 in maju Garzett's case and an atk of 2000 in great maju's case and you have practically won the duel. All you need to do after that is attack the monsters clear the field and make a final blow to the life points.

Lets face it this card is a GREAT card to have.

This card is great if you tribute dragon master knight and five-headed dragon, then that's ten thousand attack points to finish off even the Egyptian god cards.

Love this monster doubles the attack n defense from monster you tribute whats not to like tribute 1 monster with 3000 atk n you get 6000 atk maju garzett

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158 Shooting Star Dragon

I have one of these

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159 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

This should be higher on the list he is the star of my deck

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160 Phantom Dragon
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