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1 Polarshipping: Joey x Mai

They are 8 years apart 0_0 Joey is 16 and Mai is 24

Okay, how do people not think this is canon? Joey and Mai were dating during the anime! - pokemonrater

No. And I've also never seen anything serious between them in the show,but just friendship.nothing else.and she's also been a total arse toward Joey and Yugi at first.and though her act cleaned up a bit after the Duelist Kingdom Arc,she totally turned her back on them during the oricalcos arc and though it's true she was under the influence of Dartz and the Oricalcos,that still makes me want to punch her in the mouth.I couldn't stand to watch Joey and the total pain he was feeling when she betrayed him.

2 Blueshipping: Kaiba/Priest Seto x Kisara

No matter if it's Kaiba or Priest Seto, it's still adorable. - pokemonrater

3 Peachshipping: Yugi x Tea

Yeah! They're best friends since childhood and they're always there for each other. I love these two!

Yugi liked Tea and Tea liked him TOO MUCH in season 0! In season 5, she also has a crush on him. - pokemonrater

4 Vaseshipping: Yami x Mana

Yami and Mana were childhood friends, and they were hinting that they were a couple. - pokemonrater

5 Cheershipping: Duke x Serenity

Duke obviously has a crush on Serenity, and Serenity just seems to never catch on. - pokemonrater

6 Tieshipping: Tristan x Miho

All Tristan did in season 0 was try to impress Miho, but she later dissapeared for no reasons. - pokemonrater

7 Roseshipping: Pegasus x Cyndia

They were already married but Cyndia exploded. - pokemonrater

8 Kiddyshipping: Mokuba x Rebecca

I don't know why this appeals to me, it just does. - pokemonrater

9 Halfshipping: Bakura x Miho

Tristan was always jealous that Miho liked Bakura more than him. BUT SHE OBSESSED OVER BAKURA. - pokemonrater

10 Trustshipping: Kaiba x Ishizu

They just look cute together. - pokemonrater

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1. Polarshipping: Joey x Mai
2. Peachshipping: Yugi x Tea
3. Blueshipping: Kaiba/Priest Seto x Kisara
1. Blueshipping: Kaiba/Priest Seto x Kisara
2. Polarshipping: Joey x Mai
3. Peachshipping: Yugi x Tea


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