Top 10 Yu Yu Hakusho Fights

The Top Ten Yu Yu Hakusho Fights

1 Yusuke vs. Sensui

I think this fight just takes it because of all the change to both characters during the fight. All of the freedom they had to just destroy each other the whole way through is just awesome.

They never finished their fight that's the only reason I wouldn't choose this

2 Yusuke vs. Toguro
3 Yusuke vs. Yomi
4 Kurama vs. Karasu

Nothing beats this fight! So slick, so wise.

Anytime Yoko shows up, its always awesome

5 Hiei vs. Bui

Hiei is unreal in this one

2 Best Fight in the Dark Tournament

Hiei is the best character ever

Dragon of the darkness flame

6 Kurama vs. Gama
7 Yusuke vs. Jin
8 Hiei vs. Mukuro
9 Kurama vs. Roto
10 Hiei vs. Shigure

The Contenders

11 Kurama vs. Shigure
12 Yusuke vs. Suzaku
13 Kurama vs. Touya
14 Kurama vs. Shachi
15 Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Genkai vs. M1, M2, and M3
16 Hiei vs. Kuro Momotaro
17 Hiei vs. Seiryu
18 Yusuke vs. Bakken
19 Kuwabara vs. Risho
20 Yusuke vs. Gouki
21 Kurama vs. Genbu
22 Kuwabara vs. Byakko
23 Kuwabara vs. Musashi
24 Kuwabara vs. Elder Toguro
25 Yusuke vs. Minoru Kamiya
26 Yusuke vs. Kibano
27 Yusuke vs. Miyuki
28 Yusuke and Kuwabara vs. Hirue
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