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1 Seto Kaiba

To quote the abridged series "Screw the rules I have money! " He is the Batman of Yugioh. So many others have some kind of super power upgrades and he uses his cash and his wits. Like Yugi, you little cheater, using your millenium puzzle to win. Plus I like his snarky attitude. He's not all "the power of friendship" or "the heart of the cards." Come on really? I didn't realize I was watching My Little Ponies playing cards. He can be pretty ruthless but he's always looking out for his little bro, who for some reason likes to act like Princess Peach and get captured every other episode. - NerdBunny

There is so much favoritism on him. The author pays unnecessary attention to him. We know everything about him and his past. Yugi who is the main character, doesn't have a full background. Joey doesn't have one too. Let's face it Seto Kaiba is OVERrated!

Seto Kaiba has a very complex past that it is no wonder that he turned out to be the person he is throughout the manga/anime series. In the orphanage, he acted selfless for Mokuba (his little brother), not accepting anyone's adoption unless they also adopted Mokuba. He was pretty much like a father to Mokuba, raising him as best he could (they were quite young then). Once they were adopted by Gozaburo Kaiba, Seto was forced to study day in and day out, which ultimately made him more stoic and colder. After he took over KaibaCorp, Seto worked endlessly to ensure the company's success. In the presence of Yugi's group, he acts very indifferent. Though this suggests his arrogance in some cases, I understand where he's coming from. Seto doesn't want anyone to ever take advantage of him again, like his stepfather once did, and thus projects an aloof personality to ensure nobody will underestimate him. By doing this, Seto can also appear a threat to those who try to harm Mokuba. It's a ...more - SilverMelodies

Only one thing to say: Seto Kaiba is Badass.

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2 Katsuya Jonouchi/Joey Wheeler

Everyone says he's weak but he's not. He would have beated Yami Marik but because he felt the pain of his monsters he fainted. - KilMii

1.), He's not weak.
2.), He loves and cares for his friends (including his sister) and would do anything to help them.
3.), Joey's hilarious. End of story.

Ok I don't get why jonouchi gets so much hate I mean true he is not as great as yugi or kiba but at least he is trying to at lest be a good dullest. - jadenx


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3 Yami Bakura Yami Bakura

In anime and manga, Yami Bakura is a top favorite of mine. He's crafty and elegant, speaks with class, wields the Millennium Ring, and looks striking with his long pale hair and sharp eyes. A character extraordinaire.

Though portrayed as the real true antagonist of the series, Yami Bakura has reason for his actions and hatred toward Atem. He is the fusion of the souls of Zorc Necrophades and Bandit King Bakura, and there are elements in the latter that may have caused Yami Bakura's personality to be the cold and crisp indifference as seen in the manga and anime. For one, in ancient Egypt, Bandit King Bakura was the only survivor of his village, Kul Elna. Everyone, even his family, was sacrificed to create the Millennium items. Now, taking into account his soul was combined with Zorc's, what the present day (when the series begins) is left with is a shattered individual with the mind of a dark adversary. Imagine this: your family and friends had all been killed for some powerful items, and later on you were fused with darkness that (at least to Bakura at the time) could possibly help you seek revenge on those connected to the ringleader of the tragedy. Yami Bakura harnesses the power of the ...more - SilverMelodies

Awesome and intelligent villain. - KilMii

Yami Bakura is the best of all...
Always liked him more than anyone in the anime... He is the greatest character in the yugioh franchise ever.

4 Yugi

The successor of the King of Games.

Poor Yugi! We BARELY get to see him! Then, once a duel starts, POOF! He's forgotten about and replaced with YAMI. SERIOUSLY. I feel SO sorry for him. Yami's the main focus of the T.V. show, when in reality, it's called YUGI-oh.

He wope Kaiba a thousand times

Which Yugi? Yami or Muto? - Elric-san

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5 Atem

Has a very good if not great personality and caring nature

VOLUNTEERED to be imprisoned in a puzzle with no identity to save his people even if they forgot him. never complains about his lot in life!

I love him!

6 Marik/Malik

Malik he is the strongerst character in yu-gi-oh and with the god Ra he is unbeatable

Yugi beat him

7 Pegasus

I actually like his character. Though he was very malevolent in the first season, he afterwards loosened up and became more enlightened after Bakura stole his eye. I don't know if it was the creators intention, but I believe since the millennium items have such power, the eye was corrupting him and turned him into what we seen in season one. Additionally after season one, they went into his whole backstory(which was very tragic) we could see his true intentions and I think his true colors shown. He was an intelligent archaeologist with noble intent to try and save his wife from her inevitable demise. - Gamefreak23788

Creator of dual monsters - mew28221

Creator of Yugioh. He kinda cheats because of 2 reasons. 1. Milleium Eye to see what his opponent is thinking. 2. Makes cards only for himself. that's why he's a great character. - KilMii

8 Yami Marik/Yami Malik

Cruel person whos deck is created to make opponent feel as much pain as possible. - KilMii

Yami Malik is the most creepiest and craziness person you ever met. Sometimes he very sacrey. His really mess up

9 Mai Valentine Mai Valentine

Best Character of yugioh. Just got to love the harpies.

She great Murphy 6 adder of Joey wheeler

She great Murphy 6

Extremly Powerful duelist. She held er own against Marik and Atem for a while and in both Battle City and Duelist Kingdom, she made it to the finals. Great duelist and great character.

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10 Bakura

The Newcomers

? Mako Tsunami

Mako hasn't won a lot of duels in the anime, but he is a cool character. He is pretty powerful and he isn't like other minor duelists like Weevil or Rex, he is very valiant and duels fairly.

The Contenders

11 Duke Devlin Duke Devlin

I don't know why but he reminds me of Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy 7

12 Honda Honda Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment.

Doesn't really play yugioh but still a great character - KilMii

13 Yusei Fudo

He's great at thinking up tactical ways to beat opponents, has a great ace monster namely stardust, voice actor in both sub and dub sound great and cares a great deal about he's friends and new domino city.

Card games on motorcycles

Yusei is my favorite character, and is in my favorite generation, Yugioh 5d's. Cool deck, great tactics, good personality. He did have a sad life and tried to unlock his dream and save his city from danger. He is a great duelist.

I say Yusei, you say Fudo!

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14 Zorc Necrohades
15 Zane Truesdale

Surely best duelist in Academy

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16 Solomon Muto
17 Ishizu Ishtar
18 Kisara Kisara

She is the best female character in all of yugioh

19 Croquet
20 Jack Atlas

My favourite character is Luna and Leo, but since that's cheating and I don't like them nearly as much when they're on their own, I'm going with the King!
Jack got some good development in his series and while kaiba is badass, I feel like Jack had a bit more going for him. Red dragon Archfiend is cooler than blue-eyes, there, I said it. Jack's design is cool and his full-power strategy is awesome. I love his powerful Japenese voice and his Aussie accent in the English dub is incredibly endearing. Jack did some dirty things in the past, so to see him evolve so much over time is great. Vote for Jack so he may be the King of this List as well!

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