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21 Dark Magician/Mahad

This guys great he practically fought for Atem gave he's life up in the process then came back as dark magician and waited 3000 years and then still protected Atem I mean he's incrediblly loyal and a good friend.

22 Rafael V 1 Comment
23 Yuri
24 Jaden Yuki

Come on it Jaden. Jaden saved the world like a million times

25 Dartz
26 Yami Yugi Yami Yugi
27 Yuma Tsukumo Yuma Tsukumo

Are you guys on Drugs? This guy isn't even on the list even though he:
1. Saved 2 worlds at the same time.
2. Made a comeback from Amateur.
3. Trusts his deck and even feels its fear.
4. Actually Spared his enemy's life.
5. Increased a monster's Atk. Strength to more than 2,000,000.
And 6. Beat his own OP friend, Astral, in a duel.

28 Kite Tenjo

A brilliant duelist using a photon deck.
Main Appearance: Yugioh Zexal

29 Mana

Deserves WAYYY more credit. She had a pretty big role in the 5th season.

30 Jesse

Awesome character in my books and deserves better!

V 1 Comment
31 Joey Wheeler Joey Wheeler

I added him on this list Murphy 6 voter of Mia valentine

32 Chazz Princeton
33 Rio Kastle
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