Best Yugioh Ritual Monsters

Ritual monsters are hard to summon and that's why they suck. But they still need their own toptens list!

The Top Ten

1 Black Luster Soldier

New stuff makes bls have 6 effects 2 banish monsters 1 from hand and 2 attacks

Hope not everyone sees that._

Strongest monster I think it looks cool and should be nr1

2 Evilgishki Soul Ogre
3 Lycanthrope

Good in Normal monster deck - KilMii

4 Magician of Black Chaos
5 Garlandor King of Destruction
6 Demise King of Armageddon

Demise best card :D

This card creates OTK easy, should be in the top of the list.P. S three years of ritual monsters experience.

7 Shinato King of a Higher Plane
8 Relinquished

Your strongest monster is now a meat shield and is taken over by a weird spirit yhing

9 Evilgishki Mind Augus
10 Reshef the Dark Being

Takes control of your opponents monsters. - KilMii

The Contenders

11 Blue Eyes Chaos Max Dragon

The single most OP non-banned card I've seen. You can't beat it, because the only way to clear it is with non-targeting, non-destroying effects, which there are very few of. Almost every single effect that clears without destroying is a targeting effect. Then you can't hide from it in defense because in one or two turns it'll deal you huge damage with double piercing.

This card has 4000 attack, can't be targeted by effects, can't be destroyed by effects and does double piercing damage to monsters in defense. He will mess you up.

This card is insane

12 Hungry Burger

OK maybe its not so good but its funny - KilMii

13 Black Luster Soldier Super Soldier
14 Paladin of Photon Dragon

Best Lv. 4 Ritual - sonicthehedgehog

15 Divine Grace - Northwemko

Divine Grace - Northwemko its an amazing card when you use it right
If you manage to put one or two with Djinn Releaser of Rituals and another Djinns of Rituals, this card can make your opponent that relies in his/her special summons go to a very tough time trying to destroy her, and besides, its a Lv 7 with 2700 ATK, pretty high I say, she is Light, so Honest can be an excellent support for her, Spellcaster, so things like Secret Village of Spellcasters can be useful (but its recommended to have all spellcaster with the only exception of Djinns if this is the case), and... she is beautiful... seriously :P
Anyway, Northwemko is a really fun monster that needs a chance (with the cards we have now, its more easy for her)

16 Nekroz of Unicore

Really good, can easily summoned with Nekroz Kailedoscope sending the herald of arc light from your extra deck to the graveyard, negates the effects of monsters summoned from the extra, and even has an effect to add a Nekroz from your graveyard to your hand if you need to. - Yugi10

17 Ruin, Queen of Oblivion
18 Lord of the Red
19 Nekroz of Trishula
20 White Paladin
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