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1 Monster Reborn

My favourite spell card and best

Lul the best spell

I used monster reborn to revive blue eyes ultimate dragon. my friend was ded

its cool

2 Pot of Greed

It's actually a neg 5 though

One of the first and the best spell card to be ever printed. This card can fit into any deck and can be considered broken in any format in the history of Yugioh. The ability to draw two cards in a game where card advantage is the most important thing is extremely powerful. - rapaddict97

I have this card and the pot of durability my deck is over 300 bucks

Yes it is an op spell card and what about magic cards I have 1 and I can deal 600 damage to my opponent and magic cards are old spell cards

3 Painful Choice

Wins on resolution in several decks. One of the few cards that can be considered better than Pot of Greed. Don't expect this card to be ever unbanned without a big nerf.

Pretty sure this would make burning abyss tier 0

Probably should be number 1 on this list

Aborting the baby or keeping it... painful indeed. - msonly132

4 Change of Heart

Weak. Cannot control monster for long. Booo.

It allows you to control other creatures like when a slifer and winged dragon of ra is attacking you can be able to control slifer and block it with the winged dragon of ra

Let's you take control of your opponents monster

I liked playing it

5 Raigeki


One of the most powerful spell cards in the game

Banned card but really powerful. just wipe out your opponents field with one card

That art doe

6 Harpie`s Feather Duster

Its banned you wipe your oponents back row


Destroys your opponent spells and traps which is devastating against trap based decks. - KilMii

Its basic but good - jjsimpson

7 Mystical Space Typhoon

MST negates. it counters everything on this list. How is it not number 1 - msonly132

I love this card

Destroy 1 spell card, not the best (beaten by nightbeam, etc.) but still very good and costs nothing

Why did you vote for this instead of harpies feather duster or heavy storm? - Yugi10

8 Heavy Storm

Hey! Trunade is better. - msonly132

If you have luck you can activate it when you don't have any spells or traps so you can destroy only opponent spells and traps. - KilMii

Completely broken, and banned for a reason. Yes, there are more counters to it than Giant Trunade, however, with Giant Trunade the cards are only off the field for one turn. And while that can be enough for an OTK, if you fail to OTK (remember that hand traps exist) you've gone -1 for (probably) nothing.

This card is AWESOME!

9 Swords of Revealing Light

Beast as card I can wreak everyone with it

I love this card-when I have it. When used against me? Gulp!

My friend has three of these in his deck and he will use them one after another

I have it I had slider in my hand once and I summoned it face down. my friend got crushed

10 Pot of Duality

Remember the moments when your daddy inserts his thick raw club into your poo hole, and for 1 second, you reach enlightenment? That feeling is this pot. - msonly132

Someone here says he runs 55 Pot of Duality in his Exodia deck and that it nearly always wins...

You're only allowed to activate 1 Pot of Duality per turn.

I run 55 pots of duality in my exodia FTK deck, 99% win rate

You can not have more than 3 copies of any card in your deck, and you can only activate one pot duality per turn. - Yugi10

Might as well just have 3 of these in your deck. Doing that basically gives you a chance to choose your next draw card out of the top 3, instead of having it random.

The Contenders

11 Snatch Steal

I hate this card no wonder It's on the ban cards list I hated when my monsters got stolen from me when I played with my twin...

Steal 1 monster for free and tribute, Xyz, or Synchro Summon with it, so your opponent doesn't gain the 1000 Life Points in his Standby Phase.

12 Graceful Charity

Draw tons of cards yeah

50% More drawing than Pot of Greed.
100% More discard than Foolish Burial.
This card is busted and rightfully on the banlist.

13 The Forceful Sentry
14 Book of Moon

Who reads books nowadays. - msonly132

This is the most versatile card of the whole game

Kinda useless

This is zah bests of all!

15 Dark Hole

Destroy all monsters on the feild

This card is useless

Yeah gods can't be killed by dark hole and if I'm correct only a light monster can kill the five headed dragon

I have it, saved me from Winged dragon and Obelisk. Boom. Two fried Egyptian God Cards, anyone?

16 Seal of Orichalcos

Don't lose your cool really watch out

It is a powerful asset to a deck because it adds damage to all characters on your side of the field!

Beast card don't know why it isn't rarer

The best spell card I know. adds attack while protecting my soul

17 Hidden Armory

I also have an armory hidden... in my pants. Pocket Rocket. - msonly132

Let's you destroy your own monster then you get to destroy your opponents monster hide this trap under a mister and when it is attacked activates it

18 Ancient Rules


It lets you summon a level 5 or higher normal monster for FREE!

Just use double summon - msonly132

Too op, summon your mom with it

19 Upstart Goblin

As life points aren't that important in 2019, having a 39 card deck essentially make things a lot more consistent

Card sucks. Why would you give your opponent life points? Might as well give him your car keys, social security number and a hand job along with it. And screw Doug, who is Doug. Doug is a dumb name, like Dartz. - msonly132

You want to give your opponent life points sO yOu CaN hAvE a 37 CaRd DeCk. The 1000 life points usually don't matter very much, and the extra consistency you get from having essentially 3 fewer cards in your deck is worth it. It is limited for a reason. - Yugi10

Doug said it should be higher

One of the few actual good cards on the list. Limited to one for a reason

20 Chaos Greed

Lets just get two words and put them together.
Me first: careful disease - msonly132

Can't beat pot of greed but still good card in a deck that focuses on banishing everything from everywhere. - KilMii

21 United We Stand

You can get so much power with this card, so getting it

How is this not in the top 10?
800 atk and def for each face up monster..

22 Ojamuscle

Real talk, the only counter to Ojamuscle is the level 10 train engine.

Dzeeff said it himself. God card. Searchable by any deck, free plus 1, acts as a free Monster for an instant extra link. Wins in less than 5 turns. There's a reason this card has always been on the forbidden and limited list

Only thing stronger is Sparks.

Epic card foto every Obama lover

23 That Wacky Magic!

Easily the best magic card ever created.

This card good!

That wacky magic! is the best card in the game because if you use it and banish 10 spells you can kill a blue Eyes White dragon and only 3 of them exist in the entier World so it's a great counter and has great card renewal - BannedEmeral

Second effect lets you steal you opponets deck

24 Double Spell

I love this card

Use your opponents spells. - KilMii

Yes! This card made it

25 Serial Spell

Why is serial spell a spell with no effect and description.

Your opponent loses half their life points when this card is activated.

this is op

26 Smashing Ground

Its good to take out a wall to win the duel

Similar to Fissure and Hammer Shot. Good stuff.

HAHAAHA Smash - msonly132

27 Mirror Force

No comment

Obviously any experienced player would say this is the best of cards all time should be 1st at all costs

Whats not to love kill all your opponents monsters for no cost.

This is a trap not a spell

28 Spell Absorption

Awesome in a spell counter deck. - KilMii

I've healed about 4000 in most games

29 De-spell

#2 card for sure, only outclassed by Sparks

It can destroy all these other cards - robbthy7

Better than mst

30 Prohibition

Very good in all lockdown decks. Currently just outside of the meta. I suggest buying if top tier lockdown decks are to expensive

Prohibition (a long with Mask of Restrict) is one of only two cards that has the ability to stop and/or prevent the summoning of even the most powerful monsters. Cards such as Exodia (if played assembled) or the "God" cards are immune to the effects of spell & traps such as Final Destiny. Prohibition can halt "instant win" cards. The great thing about a card like Prohibition is that it's most lethal against decks with super powerful monsters; most of which are less likely to have cards to counter this as the decks are built around the powerful monsters.

Prohibition can not halt instant win cards, because win conditions are not effects. - Yugi10

Really good card lets you disable the effect of one card

31 Poison Of The Old Man

Don't know why it isn't on the banned list yet. It's just either free healing or free damage. That's insane

Please Komoney ban dis brok op card

So op. Instant 1200 life points, no cost. Or instant loss of 800 for your opponent. Surprised that barely anyone knows this. - Blueyesranger

EVeRyOnE kNoWs AbOuT iT aNd KnOwS iT Is NoT wOrTh It. Life points don't matter that much. You are losing 1 card just to boost your life points by 1200, or decrease your opponents life points by 800. Honestly it would be better to have any normal monster instead or this, at least normal monsters are not a -1 in card advantage. - Yugi10

32 Scapegoat

Four tokens to synchro or xyz summon plus some good defense

33 Saqlifice

Broken card for qliphort deck

34 Limiter Removal

This can make my ace card have 12000 ATK and it alredy has pircing.

Should be number 3

35 Elimigate
36 Blazing Mirror Force

Blazing mirror force is the original with an added kick. sure, you do get damaged yourself, but clearing their field and potentially attacking directly next turn makes it worth its cost

Not the most usefull of the mirror forces, but is a great card if your enemy has short Life Points, you get the damage too, that's true, but is funny.

37 Foolish Burial

Great if you have a card that needs to be special summoned from graveyard

It's limited to 1 card in deck though

38 Emergency Provisions
39 Creature Swap

To awesome to miss maybe gonna be banned

Trade control of monsters! Great for effect monster decks with weak stats. You flip summon your only monster on the field (man-eater bug! ) to take out the weaker of your opponents 2 monsters, and then play Creature Swap, forcing them to trade their epic high level monster with your lowly "already flipped- man-eater bug. Magic.

40 Final Countdown

You win after 20 turns BEAST

After 20 turns u win the duel, doesn't get much better than that

Why not just play cards to help you win before 20 turns? Duels don't usually last 20 turns. - Yugi10

41 Power Bond
42 Enemy Controller

Use it with enchanted javelin

So op can attack your opponent with there own monster so much better then mind control

Take control of an opponent monster for only one card.

My friend really wants this and I have it

43 Nirvana High Paladin

Being a pendulum monster, this card is technically a spell, and a powerful one at that! - Temp1

44 Pot of Avarice

5 cards from your graveyard back into your deck! And you can draw two as well! Class card a real game changer

Best yugioh spell card

45 Shield Spear

Gives you 200atc and definitely points

46 Monster Gate

Infernoids are basically dead without this card. Other decks like it too.

47 Gravity Lash

Its really good

48 Grinning Grave Virus

Lets you tribute an atk monster with 3000 or less atk, destroy cards in your opponents hand+deck equall to the atk of that monster divided by 500 and look at your opponents hand for 3 turns if the monster tributed has 2000 or more atk!
Great card for ANY deck!

49 Shapesnatch

The best boy he will snatch your shape

Super easy way to summon infinity, infinity negates every single spell and trap shapesnatch IS the best spell card in the game. - Cyres

50 One Day of Peace

A card that basically says "at the cost of giving your opponent a free card, it is virtually impossible for you to lose next turn, oh yeah and draw a card while you're at it". Was fun in Exodia decks at 3, but definitely deserved to get hit.

I love this card because it gives both you and your apponent a chance to win it's fair...

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