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1 Monster Reborn

Monster reborn wouldn't be banned if it just added send top card to grave or discard card

I have this and never noticed its power. I don't get why call of the haunted isn't number 2.

My favorite card and I wish it wasn't banned from tournaments.

Garbage duelist use this

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2 Raigeki

Destroys all you opponent's monsters for no cost. Banned for a good reason.

Raigeki is a card of destruction with its ability of destroying all your opponents monsters that with raigeki in your deck you could be indestructible

This card is op and I love it

Kill um all kill um all

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3 Heavy Storm

If you have luck you can activate it when you don't have any spells or traps so you can destroy only opponent spells and traps. - KilMii

This card is AWESOME!

4 Swords of Revealing Light

This card is good when the enemy is overpowering you

One of the best stalls for time and let's you add to your field. You could xyz summon or synchro summon during those three turns which is really op. But it gets destroyed easily

One of the best cards

Best card if u need to buy some time or get exodia

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5 Ancient Rules

Get's out trent without a sacrifice!

love it


Should be number. You can sommen lv 5 and up normal monsters for free

6 Mystical Space Typhoon

I love this card

Destroy 1 spell card, not the best (beaten by nightbeam, etc.) but still very good and costs nothing

7 Change of Heart

Let's you take control of your opponents monster

Multi function like for Tribute Summon ( like= Soul Exchange ), and Open the way to Direct Attack

Steal any monster for 1 turn, for free. Banned for a good reason.

Why yugioh WHY is this banned

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8 Pot of Duality

Might as well just have 3 of these in your deck. Doing that basically gives you a chance to choose your next draw card out of the top 3, instead of having it random.

How can you not like it choose 3 cards and put one in your hand

9 Dark Hole

I have it, saved me from Winged dragon and Obelisk. Boom. Two fried Egyptian God Cards, anyone?

I have it it kills my friends Obelisk and Five headed

Destroy all monster

I have it and it killed Five headed dragon

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10 Harpie`s Feather Duster

Destroys your opponent spells and traps which is devastating against trap based decks. - KilMii

Destroys all Spell and Trap cards on your opponent's field, for free. Banned for a good reason.

I have one but can't use it this sucks I'd love to use graceful charity plus it has good benefits...

Gryphon's feather duster even batter

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11 Painful Choice

You choose 5 cards in your deck, your opponent choose one of these that you put into your hand, and you discard the other 4. It lets you win on the first turn by sending the right cards in the discard pile. Banned for a good reason.

12 Snatch Steal

I hate this card no wonder It's on the ban cards list I hated when my monsters got stolen from me when I played with my twin...

Steal 1 monster for free and tribute, Xyz, or Synchro Summon with it, so your opponent doesn't gain the 1000 Life Points in his Standby Phase.

13 Pot of Greed

I have this card and the pot of durability my deck is over 300 bucks

Yes it is an op spell card and what about magic cards I have 1 and I can deal 600 damage to my opponent and magic cards are old spell cards


Hands down the best spell. It is a no cost +1. Banned for good reason.

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14 Hidden Armory

Let's you destroy your own monster then you get to destroy your opponents monster hide this trap under a mister and when it is attacked activates it

15 Smashing Ground

Its good to take out a wall to win the duel

Similar to Fissure and Hammer Shot. Good stuff.

16 Seal of Orichalcos

Beast Card. Every one of your monsters gains 500 ATK every turn it is on the field (it is a continuous Spell Card). Cannot be destroyed once per turn. The only drawback is you have to destroy every Special Summoned monster you have on the field. But is still the best UNLIMITED spell card.

Cheapes card ever made

Dartz is the best.


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17 Serial Spell

Why is serial spell a spell with no effect and description.

Your opponent loses half their life points when this card is activated.

this is op

18 Book of Moon

This is the most versatile card of the whole game

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19 Supervise

It makes gemini monsters effect monsters that's awesome! - KilMii

20 Chaos Greed

Can't beat pot of greed but still good card in a deck that focuses on banishing everything from everywhere. - KilMii

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