Best Yugioh Trap Cards

The Top Ten Best Yugioh Trap Cards

1 Mirror Force

This and Raigeki are literally the dumbest cards ever made.

Awesome for when your opponent has a lot of Xyz and Fusion and the other summon monsters. I have it in all of my decks on and I call it my 'rage quit card'

2 Solemn Judgement

One of the most powerful trap cards to be ever released that has managed to stay relevant for almost two decades. Paying half of your life points is a small cost for the ability to negate anything. - rapaddict97

3 Solemn Warning
4 Bottomless Trap Hole
5 Dimensional Prison

Semi-limited (for now) for a reason! - KilMii

Mine says 1st edition anybody know why?

Lets say an oponents blue eyes attacked your gagaga child activate this card and don't send it to the graveyard but instead banish it. I mean how many cards in the world banish a monster with no cost? P.S. I own one =)

6 Dark Illusion
7 Zoma the Spirit
8 Magic Cylinder

Can inflict massive damage. - KilMii

It's the best card ever

Just too good like just say excalibur first turn yeh his dead no monsters detach attack magic cylinder... Boom dead like litrilly that happened to me before

9 Skill Drain
10 Vanity's Emptiness

The Contenders

11 Trap Dustshoot
12 Return from the Different Dimension
13 Compulsory Evacuation Device

Got it great card useful when you don't want to risk your best card gotta get let's you bring monsters back up to your hand! 🙆🙆🙆

14 Black Horn of Heaven
15 Imperial Order
16 Inherited Fortune

Great Fortune Lady support. - KilMii

17 Energy Drain
18 Royal Decree
19 Torrential Tribute
20 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror

Negates effects of DARK monsters. - KilMii

21 Sakuretsu Armor

Not as good as Mirror Force but still good. - KilMii

Hey you can kill any monster that attacks you so it is so op it is unstopable

22 Time Wizard

He has an awesome effect and you could fuse it with baby dragon to make thousand dragon

23 Seven Tools of the Bandit
24 Mask of Restrict
25 Solemn Strike
26 Ring of Destruction
27 Evo-Singularity

Drops a Laggia, Dolkka, or Solda (3 of the best XYZ monsters in the game) any time you want it. As long as you've got an Evoltile and an Evolsaur in your grave, you're good to go.

28 Jar of Avarice
29 Spellbinding Circle
30 Nightmare Wheel
31 Magic Jammer
32 Lightning Vortex
33 Ordeal of a Traveler
34 Just Dessert

Dude it's awesome and you can enflict 500 points of derect damage to the opponent for every card he has on the feild now I never lose when playing life points

35 Dark Sanctuary
36 Draining Shield

It can negate a monsters attack and you gain life points equal to that monsters atk points

37 Fiendish Chain

Or Breakthrough Skill

38 Evenly Matched
39 Royal Oppression
40 Time Seal
41 Sixth Sense
42 Macro Cosmos
43 Summon Gate

This card allows you to summon 3 monsters from your extra deck like blue eyes ultimate dragon

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