Top 10 "Yugvijay" YouTube Videos

So now Yugvijay Tiwari is just "Yugvijay" and this is the list of best YouTube videos of Indian actor and YouTuber Yugvijay on the youtube channel "Yugvijay".
The Top Ten
1 Dad's Thoughts When His Daughter Is Late | Yugvijay

I agree it is very creative.

The most creative video. - Maaaccount

2 If Teachers Were Parents! | Yugvijay
3 If Men Could Get Pregnant | Yugvijay
4 Girls with Girls VS Girls with Boys [Ft. Mansi Tiwari] | Yugvijay
5 Types Of Singers | Yugvijay
6 Eating Eggs Being A Brahmin!

Lol Reddit fame?

Very excited about the upcoming video! - Maaaccount

7 Types Of Cries
8 Lady Problems Which Gent Knows
9 How Boys Cry After Masturbation

How did this video made it to the list...though it's funny but not my kind.

10 Types Of Homophobes

Personal favorite.

The Contenders
11 How To Trick People That You're STRAIGHT!

Sarcasm was good

It needs to be on top.

12 18 & Still Sleeping With Mom

Yugvijay in lead

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