Yuna Kim's Best Senior Competition Programs

South Korea's lady figure skater Yu na Kim has presently performed 10 short and free programs in senior ISU competitions. Please sign your own suggestion, and have a good day!

The Top Ten

1 Dance Macabre (2007-2008 Short program)

Blood freezing ane fantastic. The Most Graetest and smashing way to show Yu na Kim's strong intense which looks like fire. Of course the music is gorgeous just as Yu na kim's performance.

Amazing and musically performance

She express music effiently and never seen a better perfoance ever

2 El Tango de Roxanne (2006-2007 Short program)

I couldn't believe that she was only 16 years old.

A program which showed Yuna Kim's hidden speciality to the world. You can be thrillingly excited by the rthyms of the tango and sound of the violin. Wonderful 2 minutes and 50 seconds which lefts a strong ane empresive memory.

3 George Gershwin Concerto in F (2009-2010 Free program)

I think this program showed Yuna Kim's golden days. This program has the honor to have the highest score in current ISU judging system. It is a flawless and delicate program which flows lika a river. Incredible speed and quality, gorgeous artistry, with good transition and interpretation. This is best of the best!

Best program...! Very emotions

4 Homage to Korea (2011 Free program)

The music and her interpretation are stunning!

An interpated music based by Korea's traditional folk song Arirang. The touching melody shows Korea's pride and beauty to us all. I'm so proud of Yuna Kim. The program title shows it all.

5 Scheherazade (2008-2009 Free program)

One of the most popular and loved music by figure skating. If you here the music, you will know why. Personally I think Yuna Kim's Scheherazade shows the best choreography and interpations more than any legendary figure skaters Scheherazade in all time.

6 James Bond Medely (2009 - 2010 Short program)

A program with brilliant interpatated music with Yuna Kim's sensual and passionating performances. It stimulates the memories of 007 series. The program which excites people in the globe.

7 Miss Saigon (2007-2008 Free program)

One of the beutiful and touching program, which was showed when Yuna had serious back injury in 2008 World Champianship. I think this program noticed Yuna Kim's standing golden days.

8 Giselle (2011 Short program)

The story of a sad and mournful ballerina. This is also a popular music in figure skating. I think Yuna Kim's expresion dominated other skaters Giselle.

9 Lark ascending (2006 - 2007 Free program)

Sad and lyrical program with gorgeous artistry. The program which has fought with Yuna's so many injurys. But it is one of the most unmemorable performances performed by Yuna Kim. I'm sorry to say.

10 die fledermaus (2007 - 2008 Short program

Light and cheerful waltz performed by Yuna Kim. Even though Yuna has showed beautiful performances, I think it is one of the less suitable style for Yuna Kim.

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