Top 10 Zachary "Zak" Stevens Songs with Savatage

Zachary 'Zak' Stevens was the lead singer for Amarican metal band Savatage in the 90s. He also joined Trans-Siberian Orchestra with his Savatage bandmate Jon Oliva, and released 5 albums with TSO as well.

No surprise, at Wacken Open Air festival 2015 he performed with both Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Besides, since the early 2000s Zak Stevens has been the lead singer for progressive power metal band Circle II Circle (Jon Oliva produced the first Circle II Circle album).
Zak Stevens is also a drummer. Oh, and he has a degree in psychology.

The Top Ten

1 Chance

An epic progressive song with canon vocals. - Metal_Treasure

Here's visitor comment about this song on another list:

"I saw TSO and Zack perform this live in 2011 (I think) on the Beethoven's Last Night Tour in Antwerp, Belgium. It was part of the encores that night, and the moment Zack walks out on stage and says: "I want every single one of you singing the words to this one" and the band starts playing, the whole theatre stands up and starts singing, clapping, headbanging and showing the horns... I went to chills all over and yelled along as if my life was depending on it... it was magic, it was right, it was perfect and I could witness it. Thanks Savatage, thanks Mr. Oliva and Mr. Stevens, thanks TSO, you made a whole lotta difference." - Metal_Treasure

2 Handful of Rain

I love the most his remarkable sustain - very long, emotional, powerful, and beautiful (it's 14 seconds long in this song) - Metal_Treasure

3 Nothing's Going On
4 Dead Winter Dead
5 He Carves His Stone
6 Not What You See

It's a softer song where he sounds very good as well - Metal_Treasure

7 Turns to Me
8 Follow Me
9 Taunting Cobras
10 Watching You Fall
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