Top Ten Best Zamasu / Fusion Zamasu / Goku Black Quotes from Dragon Ball Super

The Top Ten Best Zamasu / Fusion Zamasu / Goku Black Quotes from Dragon Ball Super

1 Mortals do not succumb to evil, they are the evil. They create it, and spread it with minds they shouldn't possess. How can we call ourselves gods if we watch this plight and do nothing to stop it?

Very good quote from the best DBS villain.

Frieza is not unique to super; he's in a slew of stuff before that; zamasu is the only new villain. - PrinceZarbon

2 And so, by incorporating Goku's flesh into my being, I have assumed both the sins of mortal kind and the failure of divinity so they may never be repeated. That is the duty of a true god!
3 My form is justice. And my form is the world. Worship me. Give praise unto me. Me, the beautiful, the sublime... Me, the invincible, the almighty and divine... All hail Zamasu.
4 You're stronger than most deities now. Thus those who created this cosmos have made something they could not control. And if one can't control a world, one can't be called a god of it, making Saiyans the ultimate symbol of the failure of the Kais.
5 You mortals are all alike,led astray by your ignorance.You think that's a revelation,that Goku's body will always be a part of me?Of course he will,such was my desire!You are mortals,Saiyans,yet you've gained divine power.
6 Mortals receive the divine gift of intellect, the potential for wisdom, but they misuse to destroy the beauty of creation.
7 Behold this ultimate vessel. The sword and shield made one. Its strength knows no limits. The power coursing through me is exceptionable, glorious, absolute. Stare in awe, I am justice incarnate!
8 You give corruption far too much credit,evil does not inform good.It sullies it,like the Babari sullied their world with violence,and that arrogant Goku sullied this sacred ground by swinging his fists at a God.
9 I look down on existence from a much higher perspective than you do.I witness this world,this universe and the truth of all things.That yields deeper understanding.Wisdom.The realization that all mortals should be destroyed.
10 and only mistake among all divine what mortals are...To shape existence into...beautiful utopia...was...meant to be,the mistake must be corrected.I will purge all mortals from existence.In place of...gods who refuse to admit failure!

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11 Those who hurt my friends and family will never be forgiven.
12 Death is a mercy, to fools like you.
13 You Scoundrel.
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