Best Zara Larsson Songs

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1 Lush Life

Best song made by her. So catchy - Forhad_765

This is obviously the best - RockStarr

Awesome song


V 1 Comment
2 Symphony Symphony

The first time I listened to it... I listened to it 20 times... consecutively

3 I Would Like V 1 Comment
4 Never Forget You

Hear it and u will get the song best

Deserves to be number 1


5 Ain't My Fault

A decent song. Good production/vocals, horrible lyrics. - ProPanda

6 Funeral Funeral

Not a big fan of Zara because I'm not a huge fan of basic pop music but I love this song.

7 Uncover

Probably Zara's most popular song, love the lyrics to this.

8 Only You Only You
9 Sundown Sundown
10 She's Not Me - Pt. 1 & 2

Can't get tired of this song. The lyrics and the way she sings it makes me weak

The Contenders

11 Carry You Home
12 Never Gonna Die

Such a cool song, just saying THE BEAT!

13 Weak Heart V 1 Comment
14 Rooftop
15 Bad Boys
16 Secrets
17 This One's for You
18 Endless
19 Still in My Blood
20 So Good
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