Best Zara Larsson Songs

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1 Lush Life

Best song made by her. So catchy - Forhad_765

This is obviously the best - RockStarr

Awesome song


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2 Symphony Symphony

The first time I listened to it... I listened to it 20 times... consecutively

3 I Would Like

Awesome song

4 Never Forget You

Hear it and u will get the song best

Deserves to be number 1


5 Ain't My Fault

A decent song. Good production/vocals, horrible lyrics. - ProPanda

6 Funeral Funeral

Not a big fan of Zara because I'm not a huge fan of basic pop music but I love this song.

7 Sundown Sundown
8 Only You Only You
9 Uncover

Probably Zara's most popular song, love the lyrics to this.

10 She's Not Me - Pt. 1 & 2

Can't get tired of this song. The lyrics and the way she sings it makes me weak

The Contenders

11 Carry You Home
12 Never Gonna Die

Such a cool song, just saying THE BEAT!

13 Weak Heart

This is actually amazing.
This might even qualify for my best of all time list, it's THAT GOOD

GREAT TIER by far! - ProPanda

14 Rooftop
15 Bad Boys
16 Secrets
17 Endless
18 This One's for You
19 So Good
20 Still in My Blood
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