Best Zatch Bell! Characters


The Top Ten

1 Zeon Bell
2 Gash Bell
3 Tio
4 Kiyomaro Takamine

That's Sasha's favorite character at Zatch Bell.

5 Megumi oumi
6 Ted
7 Reira
8 Koruru
9 Penny

I'm worried about it too.

My 1st favorite character at Zatch Bell.

Jemela Bacchus's 1st favorite character.

10 Yutta

A boy in the hospital.

A little boy that needs help.

The Newcomers

? Maruss

The bad guy at Zatch Bell. That looks like Genkai at Yu Yu Hakusho.

The Contenders

11 Riya
12 Brago

Has most no of spell, burn 20 spellbooks, came at 2 position

13 Polygon

A cute little horse that is cute.

14 Sherry's mother

Ms. Belmont was angry at Sherry Belmont.

Ms Belmont got Sherry in trouble. When Sherry
was a little girl and she was born. I was worried
about it.

15 Rops

Rops is a ladybug partner and Apollo's
partner. But Tops died and past away & gone
to heaven.

16 Fango
17 Zatch Bell Zatch Bell
18 Clear Note
19 Sherry

Jem's second favorite character at Zatch Bell.

20 Zofis

Koko's partner at Zatch Bell, Zofis.

21 Wonrei

Lien's partner in Hong Kong.

22 Koko

Koko is Zofis's partner & Sherry's friend at
Zatch bell.

23 Suzy

Suzy spends the time at Kiyo's house
sometimes and every time.

24 Kanchome

Kanchome has a duck bill.

25 Lien

Lien is Wonrei's partner at zatch bell.

26 Hana Takamine

She is Kiyomaro’s mom.

27 Naomi

Naomi's favorite trips and her own vacations
is the zoo and the playground too and also.
She has a smiley face and teeth too & also.

28 Ponygon

A cute little horse and pony.

29 Kotoha

Wiseman's partner at Zatch bell. My other
favorite show, Zatch bell. She's at episode
101 & Zatch Bell the movie.

30 Wiseman

Kotoha's partner fighting with each other at
Zatch bell the movie, episode 101.

31 Ms. Belmont

Ms Belmont use to punish my second favorite
character at Zatch Bell, Sherry.

32 Parco Folgore

Pasco Folgore is a boogie man and a superstar too and also. His Partner is Kanchome with the duck bill.

33 Apollo

Nobody like Apollo at Zatch Bell, my other
favorite show too and also.

34 Shion

Shion's transferring to another school. Zatch,
Kiyo and all the students miss Shion. When she had to go to another shool.

Shion use to help Kiyo and Zatch at Zatch bell. My other favorite show. Shion appears
at episode 31, 32, 33, 34, & 35. Shion also
has her pet kitty cat, Nya.

35 Nya

Nya is ms. Shion's pet kitty cat and it's cute
like all the rest of my dolls, toys,puppets &
Darla too. This is my other favorite show, Zatch Bell.

36 Kolulu

Kolulu is pink sweet little girl at Zatch Bell.

37 Lori

Lori is Kolulu's pink partner and friend.

38 Zabas

That guy that has any wings.

39 Danny Boy

The one that has the statue, safe & sound.

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