Top Ten Zelda Breath of the Wild Bows

The Top Ten
1 Savage Lynel Bow

This bow can shoot three medium damage arrows at a time, unless you are lucky enough to get one that shoots five arrows at a time, making it one of the strongest bows in the game. - MasterLink

2 Bow of Light

This is the bow that Link receives from Princess Zelda before battling Dark Beast Ganon.
It does loads of damage with it’s infinite light arrows. - MasterLink

3 Great Eagle Bow

This can shoot three medium-damage arrows at a time. It was wielded by the Rito Champion Revali. - MasterLink

4 Ancient Bow

This bow does lots of damage, and if you use Ancient Proficiency, you can do tons of damage. - MasterLink

5 Royal Bow

This bow can be found mainly in Hyrule Castle, and it does lots of damage. - MasterLink

6 Twilight Bow

This made the No. 6 spot due to it’s legendary range. It can shoot for miles, and directly in a straight line too! - MasterLink

7 Phrenic Bow

Now you may be wondering why this Sheikah bow made the No. 7 spot on this list. It doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it is a sniper bow. You can zoom in and pick off enemies one by one. - MasterLink

8 Steel Lizal Bow

Not very common, but does do a fair bit of damage. - MasterLink

9 Golden Bow

This is very pretty, too. - MasterLink

10 Silver Bow

It is very beautiful, but does not do a lot of damage. - MasterLink

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