Top 10 Zelda Characters Who Should Be Playable In Hyrule Warriors

This is basically a list of characters who you think should be playable in Hyrule Warriors. All characters from the Zelda Franchise are accepted except for ones who have already been shown. Know that I had a hard time to assemble the list.

The Top Ten

1 Medli

Though Medli is very unlikely to be added or confirmed for Hyrule Warriors due to the Wind Waker's art style, some of the characters such as the Rito Postman, Medli, and Makar are lovable and play crucial roles in the story unlike other characters from Windwaker. - ThePikachu2

2 Makar

Same reason as Medli. - ThePikachu2

3 Ravio

Ravio is the seller of pretty much every necessary item in A Link Between Worlds. Imagine a character based off of these items.

I mean really item being sold coolest power ever

Considering that Hyrule Warrior brings various characters from the Zelda Franchise, it may be intresting to have a character from Lorule in this game. However, with the recent trailer with Skyloft, the Twilight Realm, and Death Mountain all together this may be unlikely unless Nintendo is foreshadowing some event of sort. - ThePikachu2

4 Yuga

If the antagonists become playable, Yuga may make for an interesting character to play as. So far, it appears that for each game the character originated from, there is always an evil counterpart/good counterpart to accompany them (ex. Midna and Zant, Girahim and Fi, Cia and Lana, etc. ) - ThePikachu2

5 Groose

Yes Groose or riot.


6 Skull Kid
7 Tingle

Bring the fabulous to hyrule warriors

8 Golden Phantom

He is so cool in phantom hourglass he's crazy

9 Golden Cucco
10 Prince Sidon Prince Sidon

I personally think that Sidon should be playable BUT he's from breath of the wild so... He is so awesome they have to make him playable PLEASE Nintendo make a Hyrule Warriors 2 with Prince Sidon PLEASE!

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