Top Ten Zelda Dungeons with the Best Music

What makes most these themes great the atmosphere it creates. They might not be good outside the game.

The Top Ten

1 Stone Tower Temple - Majora's Mask

'Impending doom' that's a good description. I also felt it was a lonely tune. It makes you feel even smaller compared with the already giant tower.

2 Forest Temple - Ocarina of Time

I've always loved this. It's kinda just ambient forest sounds, with a foreboding drone...

3 Wind Temple - The Wind Waker

Basically a loop of various pipes, triangle, and occasionally a string instrument. Very fitting for the Wind Temple. - M4j0r45

4 Snowpeak Ruins - Twilight Princess

Simple, but it creates a perfect atmosphere for this creepy mansion. - M4j0r45

5 Ancient Cistern - Skyward Sword

I don't quite know what is so great about this song. Listen to it yourself. - M4j0r45

6 City In the Sky - Twilight Princess

Lol, I honestly hated this one, but it is fitting.

7 Sandship - Skyward Sword

Technically two songs. On the deck and inside the ship. Both work very well for an ancient, electronic ship. - M4j0r45

8 Water Temple - Ocarina of Time

Yeah, and it's relaxing music. I never once got tired of it despite being stuck down there for months.

I was little when I first played it. And it's called exaggerating.

9 Great Bay Temple - Majora

Yes, so cool!

10 Spirit Temple - Ocarina of Time

The Contenders

11 Lanaryu Mining Facility - Skyward Sword
12 Temple of Time - Twilight Princess
13 Fire Sanctuary - Skyward Sword
14 Earth Temple - Skyward Sword
15 Earth Temple - The Wind Waker
16 Fire Temple - Ocarina of Time

The original, unedited version is awesome. Creepy chanting that gets louder and louder, then fades and repeats.

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