Top Ten Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Items

The top ten items from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

The Top Ten

1 Master Sword

Link wouldn't be Link without the master sword! He's known for it! He's had it since the beginning of the all the games and will have it until the very end!

It is the best item because it is the strongest item sword in every single zelda game. I just love swords.

This would be at the top of the list for any Zelda item. Without it, link would have gotten rek't by a chihuahua.

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2 Double Clawshots

Once you get this thing, you can go around in the sky temple while feeling like Spider Man. It's great.

Spider link, spider link, does whatever clawshots can, when link equips them, face it gannondorf you are screwed look out, here comes spider link

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3 Ball and Chain

Open up your ear holes, because I'm about to drop some serious . This is the best weapon ever. Okay? I would sacrifice my first born son just to see link pick up this ball and chain 1000 times a day. swinging over your head, smashing stuff. It's fun. Like it's the ultimate big metal helicopter dick, to the bad guys faces. So you're practically helicopter dicking Yetis wife the whole time during the boss fight. (How's it feel? Losing the races and your wife? ) best ever.

Imagine the megaton hammer but 10 times more simple, satisfying, and fun.

4 Spinner

The most intuitive item in the game, though only used well in one dungeon... although it was amazing in that dungeon! Especially during the boss battle! - Oreanta

Surfing on the wall here its really really fun! Surfing on the wall here! Its really fun!

Surfing high on this thing! But not really moving! Surfing high on this thing but not really moving

Surfing in a circle! Still surfing in a circle!


I ' love the spinner

I love the spinner. Arbiters Grounds is where it's found, by the way!

5 Hero's Bow
6 Hylian Shield
7 Bombs
8 Zora Armor

This armour is badass, not only does it make you look like a ninja, it allows you to breathe and swim underwater. Even after I finished the Water temple, I kept it on! How could it not be higher up!?

9 Boomerang
10 Iron Boots

The Contenders

11 Fishing Rod
12 Slingshot
13 Bottle

You can have extra health, lattern light, etc.

14 Hawkeye Hawkeye
15 Magic Armor

It drains rupees but its still cool!

16 Bombling
17 Water Bomb
18 Bomb Arrow
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