Best Zen-Kun Music Collaboration Songs

This is the lost of songs made by popular YouTuber Zen-Kun, who makes Nightcore song mashups. I've been listening to them for a month and I love them! #TeamZen

The Top Ten

1 Heathens/Faded
2 In The Name Of Love/Pity Party

This song gets stuck in my head pretty quickly - TwilightKitsune

3 Paris/Diamonds In The Sky
4 Closer/Faded
5 We Don't Talk Anymore/Faded
6 Radioactive/Here
7 Carousel/We Are Number One
8 Crybaby/Closer
9 I Hate You/I Love You
10 Heathens/Ride

The Contenders

11 I Write Sins Not Tragedies/Alphabet Boy
12 Heathens/Carousel
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